Valentine’s Day Flash Promotion

We just started a Valentine’s day Flash promotion. If you buy Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver or Fireworks, you get a free visual quick start guide, a month of training, and a free box of chocolates.

You can find more info here.

Ok, so it is a little hokey, but who can turn down free chocolates!?! Plus, the FMA for the promotion on the main site is pretty cool (with some nice jazz playing).

14 Responses to Valentine’s Day Flash Promotion

  1. Ah — candy. Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing . . . I have an issue that I think I have figured out finally, but wanted some other professional opinions: is a remoting issue that I was having — does this explaination on the site seem clear enough? Is this just a “feature” of FMX?)

  2. Anonymous says:

    lol – yeah the music kinda scared me… I’m not often on computers that have sound… but I don’t think MM has used sound on their intro page before – have they?Well… in any case… it was cool!

  3. Phillip Kerman says:

    Sorry to be such a downer lately, but yeah, that sound really doesn’t belong on a main page! Sheesh… the cryptic “off sound” button doesn’t even show up until the sound has played for several seconds.A) in my opinion this is bad designB) Macromedia should have a policy on this matter specifically.I mean, it’s Macromedia’s thing… I’m only trying to offer a constructive suggestion.Phillip

  4. phillip says:

    philip,sorry to hear you don’t like the design of the valentines promo. we have used sound/s a couple of times on our homepage, and we always provide users with an opportunity to turn them off. admittedly we shouldn’t have a delay like we do on this one.why do you think that sound doesn’t really belong on a main page?simon

  5. Phillip Kerman says:

    Simon, thanks for the reply. I did run this by a few colleques to confirm that I’m not just overly sensitive.Let’s see–perhaps Macromedia’s celebrated usability consultant can answer this better than me… but it’s just plain bad design. The sound off is late and cryptic.I forget if I was browsing in class… or on a plane… or with my baby sleeping… but wham! I hit MM’s site and I get music blaring. Naturally, it’s my own sound settings the user should KNOW when they’re about to hear some music. If I clicked on “see a video”, okay, I’d expect to adjust the sound.If you saw “Mike’s new car” compare it to that… the guy starts up his new car and the radio blasts. Sure, it’s his car etc. All I can tell you is whenever I visit a site and hear music automatically I immediately think “bad idea”.Maybe I’m just one whacko… but I’m very confident that my subjective opinion on this matter is right. Also, Macromedia should really have a policy on the matter. (sort of like their low-spam rules.)Thanks,Philllip

  6. Phillip Kerman says:

    Hey… it looks like the default is toggled off now. Thanks, PhillipBy the way, I didn’t mean to say I hated the whole thing… just the use of audio.

  7. simon says:

    phillip,you are right. we changed it.thanks for your comments,>simon

  8. Stacy Young says:

    Good move. I was on a WebEx call trying to demo a test tool (to see if it worked with flash)…as I was talking I went to MM’s site…and the music started playing…LOL”Is that elevator music I hear?”

  9. Couldn’t last the free guide promotion??

  10. buscadores says:

    why in Spain we don’t have the same promotions?

  11. dwym says:

    esta buenisimo!!gracias por su trabajo