Welcome to the new home of mesh on mx

As you can see, my weblog has a new server, url, and most noticeably, a new look. Thanks to Josh Dura who put together this kick ass design for my site.

When linking to the main page of this site, please use this URL:


The domain name will probably change soon, and that URL will always redirect to the current site.

So why a new server and blogging tool? The main reason I moved is that by using MovableType on my own server, I have complete control over virtually everything. For example, I am deploying the pages as ColdFusion templates, which will allow us to do some pretty cool stuff. I will also be able to install Flash Communication Server and use Flash Remoting.Expect to see some pretty cool stuff in the coming weeks. Not just on this weblog, but from Macromedia weblogs in general.I am still working out a few kinks, so if you run into any problems or broken links, post them in the comments.

23 Responses to Welcome to the new home of mesh on mx

  1. Nice work guys! looking forward to the forthcoming updates:)

  2. Peter Hall says:

    Very nice design. A more memorable URL too! 🙂

  3. pt says:

    site looks great mike.mmm, mark me is back- sweet.

  4. Brajeshwar says:

    Cool. crisp, prominent, harmonous design. So, cool is word, and yes hats off to Josh. [is this my browser at the moment is something wrong but the comment page is not grasping all the css specially the Name, E-mail address and the URL enclosure.]

  5. Bill Perry says:

    Nice looking site, clean and easy to read. Hats off to Josh.

  6. ahh, fond memories of markme.com and good ole generator…mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  7. Jaechul, Kim says:

    It’s cool~ and celebrates the completion of mike’s new house.

  8. FYI, links posted within this comment page don’t seem to be opening in a _blank window. That’s great for standard pages, but in this window it is impossible to resize.Example of a link: http://www.google.comOther than that, the site seems to work great 🙂

  9. mike chambers says:

    thanks. i had been meaning to fix the link problem. i had to hack into the MT code, and am a little surprised that this isn’t easy to set in MT.anyways, it should be working now.thanks again for the heads up…mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  10. casino says:

    Great information on this website. Thanks!

  11. john says:

    thanks for info on Macromedia Flash MX ,l am learning to make flash by myself.

  12. Rob says:

    Nice Journal.. Just checkin you out.. Peace!

  13. Barry says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say you have a very informative site which really made me think, Thanks !

  14. klaus says:

    Nice site, clean and helpful. Thnx!

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  16. sidu says:

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