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Out of Office today

Just a quick FYI, I will be traveling today from San Francisco to DC (home), so if you try to contact me it may take a little longer than normal to get a response.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the PHP documentation thread from yesterday, and provide any feedback that you might have.

PHP Like Documentation for ActionScript

Yesterday I asked about public bugbases, and got a pretty good response. However, half of the response ended up asking about PHP like documentation for ActionScript. The PHP docs essentially allow users to add comments and examples at the bottom of the documentation.

So, here is the question for today:

Would you be interested in a PHP like documentation system for ActionScript? What features would you like for it to have?

Btw, we have a similar system already setup for most of our servers and languages, including CFMX, Flash Remoting and JRun.

Post your thoughts, comments, suggestions in the comments section.

Public Bugbase?

Over the past year, we have had a lot of requests for a public macromedia bug base. As we have mentioned before on the forums, this is something that we have been and are considering.

This leads me to my question of the day:

Does anyone know of any other companies that have public bugbases?

I know that most open source projects do, but can’t find any examples of other companies that have done anything similar.

DevNet Center : ASDG for MX Chapter online

We have posted a new chapter from Colin Moock’s ActionScript for Flash MX : The Definitive Guide book on the DevNet Center.

Chapter 12, Objects and Classes is online. What does it cover?

Chapter 12, “Objects and Classes,” introduces the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Using all of the ActionScript learned in previous chapters, readers will learn what objects and classes are, terminology related to OOP, how to build custom objects, and finally how to create chains of inheritance between objects.

You can view the chapter here.

New DevNet Center Release : PHP and .NET

We have a bunch of new content on the Macromedia DevNet center. This releases theme is .NET and PHP, with almost all of the new articles focusing on those technologies.

You can view the Development Center for ASP.NET here.

You can view the Development Center for PHP here.

MXDU Recap

Geoff Bowers has posted a recap of Branden Hall’s presentation at the recent MXDU. Branden basically showed the history of Flash from Future Splash to Flash MX.

You can view the recap here.

Question of the day, would you be interested in seeing screen shots of every version of Flash?

Picture : What does DevNet Pro include?

What does DevNet Pro include?

View this screenshot to find out.

Macromedia FreeHand Reader for Flash MX

We just released a FreeHand MX Reader for Flash MX. What does it do? From the download page:

The FreeHand MX Reader for Flash MX allows Flash MX to import files that are stored in FreeHand 8, FreeHand 9, FreeHand 10, and FreeHand MX file formats only.

David Gangwisch (one of the FreeHand engineers) sent me some more information describing what exactly the reader does:

Flash MX doesn’t support “Opening” SWF files, it can only import them into existing FLA documents. It can, on the other hand, open FH files.

Also, when opening FH documents objects are converted from FH data structures directly into Flash native data structures preserving more of their editability. Much of the editability is lost when the objects have to be converted to the lean SWF structures as an intermediate before converting into Flash’s FLA data.

You can download the reader here.

MXDU as it Happens

Jesse Warden is blogging the MXDU conference.

You can read his posts here.

Thus far he has some posts on the day 1 keynote, and sessions by Scott Mebberson and Ian Chia. : Loading Data Across Domains

Colin Moock has posted some information on how to use a shim movie to load data across domains.

You can read the article here.