Beta Macromedia Resource RSS Feed Update

As I noted here, I am testing an RSS version of the Macromedia Resource Feed. I have updated it today, and added data to the description fields of the feed.

You can view the feed here.

Post any comments, problems or suggestions in the comments section.

12 Responses to Beta Macromedia Resource RSS Feed Update

  1. Greg Burch says:

    It would be very cool if you had seperate feeds for each channel. If you are generating this from a script it would be even better if I could requestion single/multiple feeds. Such as:just flash:resourcefeed.rdf?cat1=flashflash and dreamweaver:resourcefeed.rdf?cat1=flash&cat2=dreamweaverJust a couple suggestions. Because it occured to me there is a lot of content to shuffle through and it would be nice to customize the feed dynamically.Also I have added the feed to the blogregator on the right side of my site.

  2. Geoff Bowers says:

    I’ve added the feed to — I think the subject nodes in the feed are great, and I’ll be taking them into account at some point in a future goog release. Is there any reason why you’re not considering RSS v2.0 instead of the RSS v1.0 you have now??

  3. Geoff Bowers says:

    Just a quick note… if you are going to add a timestamp to individual posts make sure it relates to the time posted and not the date the feed was last built. Better to have no timestamp at all than all the same.

  4. Great. More usefull info. I have just added the feed to both PHP and Flash MX versions of with no problems.

  5. mike chambers says:

    Geoff,What advantages does RSS 2.0 offer over 1.0? Is it backward compatible?Also, re the dates, all of the articles are normally published at the same time. Should we just leave the date field out?mike

  6. Greg Burch says:

    Keep the date field, if they are all published at the same time…then thats what it should show.

  7. Melvyn Song says:

    This is fantastic. I love it. Its better than the previous one at I had lots of problem from the previous one. Now i am able to view everything. Please keep to this format. Maybe we could name it as rssfeed.xml just like all the IMS learning specification where they name it as manifest.xml.

  8. Melvyn Song says:

    I also want to add that. There is this space in the beginning of every feed. Is this expected. I am using ASP to read your feed and push it into Flash using XML load

  9. Greg Burch says:

    I noticed the space too, I don’t think it should be there.

  10. mike chambers says:

    i removed the space. Are peple still seeing on?mike

  11. Geoff Bowers says:

    RSS2.0 is better as it is the latest version 🙂 It is an odd jump from RSS1.0 to RSS2.0 — v2.0 is basically the old 0.92 format with the advantages of 1.0’s more descriptive elements. The format of RSS1.0 prevents the use of XPATH to extract the ITEM elements — I think that’s a good enough reason to leave it behind. Fullasagoog is moving to store syndicated info as RSS2.0 shortly — those not syndicating in that format won’t really notice any difference but I’m using that as my internal standard and modifying other feeds to look like it — if you know what i mean.

  12. Phillip Kerman says: