Introducing Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions

Today we announced Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions. There are two levels of DevNet subscriptions: DevNet Professional and DevNet Essentials. DevNet Essentials is a yearlong subscription to the DevNet Resource Kit (formerly Developer Resource Kit) and includes four DRKs a year. DevNet Pro is a software subscription service consisting of Macromedia MX tools, servers, and DevNet Essentials. Both levels include access to a personalized subscriber portal where you can manage your license(s) and download the latest software, servers, DRKs, and upgrades based on your subscription level.

We have a ton of resource and information on DevNet Subscriptions:

DevNet Product Page

DevNet (formerly DesDev) Center

I really think this is an awesome service (you can read my article about it here), which will save time, hassle and money.

24 Responses to Introducing Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions

  1. David Bisset says:

    I cannot get the links on this page to work:’m interested in the professional upgrade. I just purchased Studio MX – do I get any breaks?

  2. mike chambers says:

    I just cheked that link and it is working again.You can upgrade from Studio MX. Details can be found here:

  3. Richard T-J says:

    I own MX Studio. If I subscribe do I get the MX Studio plus upgrade included?Any chance of a subscription that covers Director and/or Authorware. I realise it would cost more, but I think there would be some interest.

  4. Matt says:

    Mike, I notice that in the interactive presentation that mention is made that with the Professional edition – advanced notification of beta’s and new products is part of that service – yet I don’t see the same information mentioned as part of the service in other descriptions – can you expand on that point? Does “notification” also include copies/partisipation in the beta programs ?

  5. Blue says:

    Hey Mike,I just wanted to ask you when Macromedia will re-launch its new website…I was one of the fortunate ones to see the new design but I guest there was problems because within the hour of the launch they took it down. Do you have any idea of when the re-launch will occur?BLUE

  6. Richard Lord says:

    If Director was included, I would be interested. But sadly it’s not.

  7. I’m very disappointed to see ‘Studio MX Plus’ – having recently bought Studio MX (original) – now includes Contribute and Freehand MX, plus some extra DesDev content.If I want to upgrade to this I will have to pay £139, whereas if I was buying Studio MX+ today, it is only £60 more than the upgrade price I paid before xmas.Where’s MM’s reward to loyal customers??

  8. Tony Hsieh says:

    Why is Director excluded from DevNet?Isn’t Director considered part of the MX community?(Or is this a hint to Director developers?)I have upgraded to Studio MX and to Director MX. Are there any breaks for the loyal Macromedia customer?Feeling alittle pinched.Thanks,– Tony

  9. John Dowdell says:

    Hi Tony, I’m not Mike, but…. ;-)We’re starting off a subscription program here. Right now the options work best when people can leverage a subscription across several tools.People commonly use the tools in Studio MX as a group — Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, servers. For a tools subscription, there’s a real advantage to businesses to getting several tools under one price. Director users are more frequently smaller shops, which concentrate more on one tool, and so have different dynamics than those who come in through a Studio purchase.(I realize you use both, but the overlap between Studio and Director is signficantly smaller than either audience directly.)The same holds true for a components subscription… a Director Xtra would be of use to Director users, but not to Flash, Fireworks users. But on the flip side, the odds are much higher that someone using ColdFusion could find value in a Flash component, eg.This DevNet subscription program is starting out focused around Studio MX, trying to make it cheaper and more predictable to buy, as well as keeping people automatically updated with quarterly extensions to the tools.If you’ve still got a concern in this area, then we’d like to hear it, thanks.jd

  10. Phillip Kerman says:

    I think the bottom line on Director is that including it would make the total cost higher. I don’t know on what data jd bases statements about the user profiles for Director and Flash. Seems to me, that all Director users are learning Flash… well, nearly all are.The question regarding feeling pinched–I think the whole idea of subscriptions is to avoid this. If you plan to drop $600/year to renew you know you’ll get the upgrades.Speaking of component subscriptions… Director Xtras are something totally different. Components are most closely related to Director behaviors. In any event, Macromedia developed Xtras and behaviors have nearly always been free. The exception that comes to mind is the QuickTime 3 Xtra that you had to pay some (arguably) exorbitant amount for. I think MM has a tough challenge, come up with prices that don’t upset people… not an easy task.

  11. James says:

    Great new ‘feature’. Charging for components (DRK and those $100 disks) that used to be free on the exchange. And here I was wondering why nothing was added to the Flash exchange in 2 months.Anyone that thinks this is a step forward has a bag over their head.This is a bunch of crap and further proof that Macromedia is becoming nearly as bad as Microsoft.

  12. mike chambers says:

    ????It is not a matter of us either selling them or releasing them for free. It is a matter of us either selling them or not building them.mike

  13. Phillip Kerman says:

    I don’t think you shouldn’t be able to sell them… but realize they’re useless without your software (Flash). They add value to the software. Again, I don’t think you should have to give them away for free… but if you did it’s not like a %100 loss either.Phillip

  14. Incidentally, I’ll bet more Studio MX users would prefer a copy of Director than a copy of Freehand. In any event, Freehand is as much of an oddball to the studio as Director would be.Phillip

  15. mike chambers says:

    i have found freehand mx to be very useful is quickly mocking up flash interface layouts.mike

  16. I’m not saying Freehand is not useful… I’m just saying it stands out (as being used for a different purpose) as much as Director would (if Director were in Studio MX).In my opinion, Macromedia has missed a huge opportunity with Director. If it weren’t treated like the ugly step sybling or whatever… maybe it’d do better. Connected internet projectors should be included in the “ria” promotions. I find it sad not because loyal users feel alienated but because it’s a missed opportunity.If Director were included in MX Studio Extra Plus that’d be good… if the Director team were big enough to crank out revs as fast as the other products, that would be good. If the player were pushed a little more ,that would be good. There’s lots of ways to improve this without bringing up mistakes of the past. I really hope this doesn’t sound like I’m whining.

  17. Anonymous says:

    >I really hope this doesn’t sound like I’m whining.It does.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I already own Studio MX. I’m a mac user, so I can’t utilize Cold Fusion (and wasn’t included in my verison of Studio MX although I paid the same price for it). I’m a freelance designer doing small projects so I don’t necessarily need Contribute. All I want are some of the components I’d like to use, like the advanced calendar. So why would I pay $99 per disc for something I won’t use. Give me the opportunity to buy what I want individually.

  19. mike chambers says:

    ColdFusion MX for OS X is avaliable for download from

  20. mike chambers says:

    >Give me the opportunity to buy what I want individually.You seem to be assuming that individual components would be much cheaper, than buying them on the DRK. That is not necessarily the case, and chances are, the DRK is going to continue to be the best value for buying these components.mike

  21. Trabajo says:

    Thanks for the info.

  22. Trabajo says:

    Thanks for the info.

  23. Michael says:

    I’m looking at an upgrade to the DevNet Professional Subscription. I qualify for the $599 upgrade price, which I think is a good deal. My concerns on not on paying the $599 now, but what happens in the future. I’m looking at the bottom of the pricing page. It looks as if I owned a Subscription now, I would be charged $999 for my Renewal.My question is next year when my subscription is up will I be charged $999 to Renew it? If you can’t answer that. Are current Subscribers paying $999 to Renew their subscriptions? Unit Commercial PricingFull DevNet Professional Subscription (one year) $1299DevNet Professional Renewal (one year) $999