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Monday is a Holiday in U.S.

Just a quick reminder that Monday is a holiday in the U.S, and thus Macromedia offices will be closed. Email responses may take a little longer than usual.

Possible Updates this Weekend

We may be doing some upgrades on our server this weekend, and thus there may be some intermittent downtime.

So if you come to the site and things are not working or look weird, don’t worry about it.

FlashForward Film Festival Finalists

The FlashForward Film Festival Finalists (How is that for alliteration?) have been announced. As usual, there are some really cool and cutting edge submissions.

You can view the finalists, as well as vote for the people’s choice award here.

You can find more information on FlashForward 2003 in San Francisco here.

Looping Through DataProviders in ActionScript

I have received a couple of emails over the past couple of days, asking how to manually loop through a RecordSet / DataProviderClass. It is actually pretty simple and utilizes the getItemAt() and getLength() methods of the DataProviderClass (pseudo interface).

Here is the code:

//rs is a RecordSet object retrieved via FlashRemoting

var len = rs.getLength();
var tmpObj;

for(var i = 0; i < len; i++)
tmpObj = rs.getItemAt(i);
trace("Field 1 : " + tmpObj.field1);
trace("Field 2 : " + tmpObj.field2);

This will work for all RecordSet and DataProviderClass classes.

Data Validation Functions in ActionScript

DRK 1 includes some ActionScript classes for sending and retrieving email via Flash Remoting. It also contains an EmailAddress class that represents a valid email address (its basically validates that the email address is in a valid format).

So, why am I talking about this? Because I am trying to figure out what other types of data or user input would be useful to have validation functions for?

Thus far I have thought of:

  • Email Address
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Credit Card Number

If you can think of other useful items, post them in the comments.

Beta Macromedia Resource RSS Feed Update

As I noted here, I am testing an RSS version of the Macromedia Resource Feed. I have updated it today, and added data to the description fields of the feed.

You can view the feed here.

Post any comments, problems or suggestions in the comments section.

Beta Macromedia Resource 1.0 RSS Feed

We are considering publishing an RSS resource feed along with our current XML resource feed. I have published a beta of the feed, and would appreciate any feedback on it. The current beta is RSS 1.0 using the Dublin Core (dc) module.

Is this something that would be useful? Are there any bugs in the feed? Do you want any additional information? Have I formatted the date field correctly? Post you thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

You can access the feed here.

Note, this is a beta, and thus the URL may change, or the feed may not work at times.

What Content do you want to see on the next DRK?

DRK 3 is shaping up very nicely. We have all of the Flash components and some other cool stuff lined up, and I have some time to get some additional content together. So, what type of content do you want to see on the next DRK? Articles, sample applications, code libraries, etc..?

Post your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Be as general or as specific as you like.

New Flash MX Content at Macromedia DevNet Center

With the ton of announcements yesterday about DevNet Subscriptions, FreeHand MX and Studio MX Plus, I forgot that we also released some new Flash MX resources on the new DevNet center.

We also launched the new FreeHand MX Development center which has a cool article on how to make your own Macromedia rune with FreeHand MX.

Introducing Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions

Today we announced Macromedia DevNet Subscriptions. There are two levels of DevNet subscriptions: DevNet Professional and DevNet Essentials. DevNet Essentials is a yearlong subscription to the DevNet Resource Kit (formerly Developer Resource Kit) and includes four DRKs a year. DevNet Pro is a software subscription service consisting of Macromedia MX tools, servers, and DevNet Essentials. Both levels include access to a personalized subscriber portal where you can manage your license(s) and download the latest software, servers, DRKs, and upgrades based on your subscription level.

We have a ton of resource and information on DevNet Subscriptions:

DevNet Product Page

DevNet (formerly DesDev) Center

I really think this is an awesome service (you can read my article about it here), which will save time, hassle and money.