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DesDev center is now the DevNet Center

The Macromedia Designer and Developer Center is one year old. It has become one of the top on-line resources showcasing the works, talents and knowledge of some of the top community leaders and developers.

Today we re-branded the site from DesDev to DevNet, why? From Craig Goodman’s article:

The Designer and Developer center has been extremely successfully, showcasing articles from some of the most talented developers and designers on the web. However, we felt that the name, Designer and Developer Center left out the most important part, the relationship between designers, developers and Macromedia. DevNet is the central space where designers and developers can “hook up” with Macromedia and other designers and developers. This may through contributing content and articles, exchanging components and extensions on the exchange, or communicating directly with other designers and developers on the forums.

Here are a couple of more article on DesDev’s first year:

You can visit the DevNet Center here.

Introducing Macromedia FreeHand MX

We announced today the release and availability of FreeHand MX. The version offers tons of new features and functionality including improved Flash integration:

Increase productivity and streamline development of Macromedia Flash MX projects. Plan, layout and design entire projects in single document. Now you can even import more complex Macromedia Flash movies (SWFs) into your FreeHand MX document and integrate them into your designs before exporting back out to SWF with improved efficiency. Placed SWFs can be edited using the new launch and edit in Macromedia Flash MX functionality. Macromedia Flash MX can also open and import FreeHand MX files.

You can find more information as well as download a free trial here.

FlashCoders : TextField.condenseWhite

Interesting thread on FlashCoders discussing the undocumented condenseWhite property of the TextField object and some of its possible uses.

You can read the thread here.

DRK 1 : Stock Services Example Online

I have finally gotten around to putting up an example of the Stock Services sample application available on the Developer Resource Kit Volume 1.

The application uses Macromedia Flash, Flash Remoting, ColdFusion MX and the Flash Remoting Stock Services Library (available on DRK 1) to provide charts of historical stock information.

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Flash Communication Server Logging : New Flogger

We are releasing a slightly updated version of our Flash Communication Server bandwidth monitoring tool (Flogger). This version has not been fully QAed by us and is thus not support by Macromedia. However, we wanted to get it out to developers as soon as possible.

It’s basically the same old Flogger, but now works with servers that have multiple vhosts.

The old Flogger collected stats from the default, main vhost: _defaultVhost_. If a server had multiple vhosts (usually only in ISP situations like MediaTemple) they could not get usage info on the applications running under other vhosts.

This version of Flogger asks the server for a list of the installed vhosts via a custom config tag in server.xml. It then connects as an administrator to each of these vhosts, and gathers information about the applications, bandwidth usage, etc.

The reporting is similar to the earlier version as well, but it has a new listbox for the various vhosts on the machine and a user can limit the reports to a particular vhost or applications from the vhost.

Flogger should work the same as before for single, default vhost servers.

Download Flogger 1.1 (unsupported).

You can read more about Flogger here. Note, that this document does not cover Flogger 1.1.

Thanks to every one on the Flash Communication Server team for making this happen.

Kasparov vs Deep Junior : Watch it Live via Flash

Gary Kasparov is playing the Deep Junior computer at chess. Wired has set up a page with a Flash application that allows you to watch the match (or replay its history) live.

You can view the match here.

Greg Burch Launches new Weblog / New URL

Greg Burch just launched his new weblog. He has switched to MovableType and has a completely new design.

The coolest thing though is the Flash based application he has on his site which basically keeps track of what he is doing or working on, his location, and the device he is currently using. Pretty cool stuff.

You can view his site here.

Make sure that you update your URLs to point to the new site and RSS feed.

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The Pixies

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New Website

Oops, I posted this in haste! We recently ran a live test of our enhanced website,which will be launching in the near future. We are committed to bringing you the best experience possible and look forward to your feedback when the new beccomes available. In the meantime, we hope you liked what you saw!

Jeremy Allaire : Macromedia Founder Emeritus / New Challenges

Christian Cantrell just posted that Jeremy Allaire will be moving on to tackle some new challenges. Jeremy has made a post to his weblog talking about the changes, and looking back at some of the successes he has helped drive at Macromedia.

Jeremy will continue to work closely with Macromedia as a Macromedia Founder Emeritus.

You can read Jeremy’s post here.

On a personal note, I think that Jeremy is truly one of the pioneers of web application development, and I wish him the best of luck.