What Content do you want to see on the next DRK?

DRK 3 is shaping up very nicely. We have all of the Flash components and some other cool stuff lined up, and I have some time to get some additional content together. So, what type of content do you want to see on the next DRK? Articles, sample applications, code libraries, etc..?

Post your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Be as general or as specific as you like.

41 Responses to What Content do you want to see on the next DRK?

  1. Stacy Young says:

    More flashcom example apps would be awesome…combined with remoting…

  2. arckid says:

    something like Flash Remoting with PHP with native support of Flash MX. Yeah i know one group of developers are already working on it but … if MM release it then it would be the great. 🙂

  3. more detail Flash Remoting with Java examples would be cool as well.

  4. incarnate says:

    XML DTD reader… I can dream can’t I. How bout an HTML page displayer.;)

  5. helge says:

    MM is speaking about studioMX and other products as the ultimative eLearning production tools. But nowhere is a possibillity to produce mathematical equations. Is there a chance to get a mathML parser/ editor as a component for flash?

  6. Here are two suggestions:1. A roundup of version control systems that are compatible with Flash documents, explaining to what extent what is possible, and suggested practice;2. A roundup of external editors for ActionScript. I’ve been using SciTE and it’s fabulous!-jonathan

  7. Anonymous says:

    How about an example to do file upload, using Flash as the front end, with or without Remoting. I’m thinking about upload photos, where Flash could give a preview, but uploading PDFs, etc would be nice too.

  8. cram says:

    tabbed palletes

  9. Adam Howitt says:

    I’d be interested in seeing some html code import and conversion components. Something that would open an HTML form or page and create a layout as close to the original as possible using flash components. This would save time in doing major project overhauls where we move interfaces over to flash but want to keep a similar layout (like supporting non-flash browsers).

  10. ericd says:

    emoticon component, a object listener component (where drag/drop/resize, etc. of coponents are all managed by 1 master object which governs their behavior), blog component (my, blogger, etc… shouldnt be too hard), etc.

  11. agnprl says:

    I’d like to see a sample password validation form

  12. B Rogers says:

    DataGrid enhancements. More features to replace ASP.NET datagrid in RIAs

  13. marcel says:

    example application like the mail thinks the name is postio example but with php.DataGrid enhancements would be nice too.html table import component.css import component.cheers

  14. justin says:

    a browse for file component that doesn’t use javascript or html’s file form tag…a full WYSIWIG component that can edit/display live images and text via an HTML display…a menu component that can change its own view and control based on a setting and dataprovider…

  15. bryan.rice says:

    I would love to see an installer/updater that updates the fla files for ALL previous FUI components with an updated and consistent version of things like the FUIComponentClass.Just loadMovie several swfs with the DataGrid, different versions of the scrollbar and a combobox and the Smart combo box – you’ll see what I mean.: )P.S. Could all new components being built contain a “_version” property of some sort.

  16. Chris says:

    Hi,Flash remoting with PHP! Please its about time.why not offer to hire the guys who are working on it here….http://www.flash-db.com/Board/index.php?board=4;action=display;threadid=3163If you look at the major flash community websites like flashkit you’ll notice that the majority of developers are using flash, mysql and php. Surely its time to bring AMF to the huge groundswell of people using php.Thanks 🙂

  17. Mike says:

    How about a series of DB components like the database connection components found in Borland’s Delphi. Delphi has both components for connectivity as well as “data aware” UI components, and hides the complexity of their version of Data Glue. I’d assume this would require a series of back-end files too, or at least usage examples in CF, etc.

  18. Brian Lesser says:

    Hi Mike,I think database examples are a good idea. I experimented with the dataGrid component a bit and was happy with it. Then I built a form for each record with Add, Insert, and Update buttons. I cobbled together some code and some CFCs to make it all work. But as I did it, I couldn’t help thinking that there must be a lot of people cobbling that sort of thing together who would love to have some best practices at hand. For example, some nice examples of doing flexible updates when not every field is passed back. I didn’t try CFINSERT to see if I could use it with Remoting – but some more advanced examples showing that sort of thing would be useful.Yours truly,-Brian

  19. Flash communication server components. thanks 🙂

  20. Aj says:

    Something like Flash UI Components but with animation & effects…Like a combo box animates while opening & has all the methods & properties like the combo box in Flash UI Component set 1with the kind of interfaces we make with flash, a little animation with each component will be really cool !

  21. steve w says:

    PHP & MySQL tie-ins such as 3D interactive graphs using Flash APIFull featured XML SlideShow with transition effects, skinnable, jukeboxPhysics lab – motion, easing, gravity, scaling, etc.

  22. asl says:

    How about examples using the DataGrid, etc for those of use that can’t use Flash Remoting. (Either that, or provide PHP Remoting :).On the DW side, how to “efficiently” modify the code from the built-in Server Behaviours (Insert Record, etc) to do data validation for regular expressions, etc. Or provide ServerBehaviours that allow you you to include the most common (valid email, numbers only, values in certain range) using check-box options.I’d also like to see some examples of file uploading with either Flash or DW as front end. Should allow validation of max file size, check file type (PDF, JPG, etc) by looking at file composition and not just extension name, automatic renaming on upload, maybe a preview or “test link” button.Finally, some information on how to incorporate the most common site security measures into workflow. By default the MM solutions are insecure (__notes, __connections, etc) folders are “wide open”, and many users that don’t have an IT administrator won’t realize this. Perhaps have templates to autogenerate .htaccess files when a site is built.

  23. James says:

    I’ll tell you what I want to see. I want to see it go back to BEING FREE ON THE EXCHANGE. How many times do you think I’m going to shell out $100 for a bunch of components you guys get for free?Screw this.

  24. mike chambers says:

    >How many times do you think I’m going to shell out $100 for a bunch of components you guys get for free?actually, we spend a siginificant amount of resources developing, QAing and documenting each component.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  25. James A says:

    Hi Mike,I want to say up front that I completely disagree with the guy complaining about the cost. $100 seems reasonable, and I’m personally planning on subscribing to DevNet as soon as it launches.At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if an opportunity isn’t being missed because of the licensing. It seems that invariably there will be free components that match the general functionality of all the DRK components a few months after a release. Of course, I have yet to prefer a free version to one that came in the DRK, but all that wasted productivity grates at me.Also, we’ve had people make enhancements to DRK components, and they’re limited to posting instructions for where to copy and paste code instead of simply posting the whole thing to download. This also seems unnecessary.Now, this sounds a little far-out, but I’m looking for a way that you could harness the productivity of the community for the good of the community and still make a profit. I’m wondering if you couldn’t adapt some variation of the ransom software release model… so, for example, 3 months after you sell a predetermined number of DRKs all the components become available under some BSD-style license.If you did that, 1) people could focus more on enhancing rather than duplicating components 2) people could build new components based on old components 3) after a certain amount of time developers won’t always have to worry about who owns which DRKs [except for the latest ones] when working with others [this will become more and more cumbersome as you release more and more DRKs – of course the optimal profitable answer to this dilemma is for everyone to be DevNet subscribers, and buy all the old DRKs… but I’m guessing that’s not a realistic outcome].The main potential problem I see with the scheme is that it might increase piracy – in that people may develop a “it’ll be free eventually anyway, what does it hurt to share it early” attitude, but then you’d just treat it like you would normally – it would still be copyright infringement.Also, to make it work you’d need to make the sales target public, and you’d need to also make current sales figures public… which is going to be a bit uncomfortable, especially for a publicly traded company. (Though, you do release those quarterly, don’t you? I’m not 100% familiar with required disclosure.)Anyway, it’s sort of a big request for DRK 3, but I’d appreciate it if you’d keep it in mind. :)Thanks,Jamesjahlschwede2@unl.edu

  26. Paul Moss says:

    How about doing a piece of what you are thinking of releasing with DRK3..?DRK1 was a good product.DRK2 for Flash, overall was a very bad product, and im surprised if anyone bought it, as the components offered, alot of people had in one form or another.So with DRK3, why not look at your actual list in development now, and do polls to see if people are interested?With the components people are interested in them, try to make them as feature complete as you can. With the components with a bit of interest, get it to a certain point, but allow expansion by the clever bods that are out there.In short, don’t make the $100 worthless like DRK2 was.Finally..1) When will Flash be rendered by Hardware/OpenGL and not the OS/Software..2) When will FCS2 or a patch for FCS1 to allow other communication to client/server without the current polling/request/response method.3) With Flash MX2. If it is in development, please take a leaf from M$ and look at Visual Studio. Make a developer edition, to allow developers from ASP.Net to migrate over easily.. MM have a good opertunity to finally eclipse MS in an area where they have no intentions of operating in.. Look at this “Microsoft No Touch” :- M$ is suggesting for rich applications, to use this method. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dv_vstechart/html/vbtchNo-TouchDeploymentInNETFramework.aspOf course the M$ method is laughable, since it needs the .Net framework which is 20mb. For Flash, all we need is a < 400k plug in.I know alot of current MM developers are happy with the way things are, but I urge MM to actively target the ASP/ASP.Net/VB developers. As alot of them, are running into brickwalls with asp.net, most of them are asking for C# Applets.. Perphaps Flash could be the answer for them, but its the timeline that switches them off <– yes a contentious issue. :)CheersPaulp.s please make the comments textbox a little bigger 🙂

  27. Paul Moss says:

    I forgot to add, 2) when will be available.To Edit comments would be nice 🙂

  28. asden says:

    More for the next version of Flash but hardware accelleration on Win and Mac even as an optional download (I would image the download would be much larger) would be brilliant.

  29. CHris says:

    far more information on building .NET web services with Flash Remoting.

  30. Adam says:

    How about a Flash-based graphical query builder. For example, have Flash pull in the names of all the columns in a db table, and allow you to point and click to count all entries that meet certain filters.Part of the problem with most db apps is that all of the queries must be hardcoded, or the user must know SQL. Why not let the user decide what data to aggregate at run time, with a pleasant interface.I vote for using PHP and MySQL as the back end 🙂

  31. Ben Haldenby says:

    I’d really like to see a tutorial that helped a non-programmer learn OOP. What would help me is demonstrating how to turn a procedural, non-OOP app/flash movie into a more structured, encapsulated OOP version of the same thing. With example files of both versions, explaining how and why choices are made and illustrating the real difference between the two methods.I haven’t bought any of the DRKs yet, but I would pay £100 just for what I’ve described.

  32. Mark Coates says:

    I would agree with several ideas here.1) Database examples2) More Remoting examples (using .NET and ColdFusion)3) Maybe a component that allows the creation of a flash-accessible recordset using the RecordSet object and some easily modifiable code for connecting to the DB (.NET and CF)4) and others, but these 3 most importantly…I am constantly amazed by your products. Keep up the great work!Cheers,Mark CoatesManaging MemberBlurr Designs, LLC

  33. Mike Hazard says:

    The teaser application mentioned in your Des/Dev article:http://www.macromedia.com/desdev/subscriptions/articles/mchambers_devnet.htmlAny information on educational pricing for DevNet?Thanks,mike

  34. Anonymous says:

    A true menu device (like standard menu bars at tops of apps). Along with alt-keys, separators etc.

  35. Some CSS tools for Dreamweaver – so if you change a class name, it updates throughout the site like the file manager (without having to resort to find and replace) – and a CSS checker (like the link checker) that will find broken or orphan classes. Maybe this is a DWMX2 feature request, rather than an add on?

  36. William Dent says:

    1)Charting Components that allow multiple dataproviders which would allow comparisons on the same chart2)Uploading of files to server using Flash (might require changes to flash player). This has stopped me from building complete Flash apps (RIA). I always have to go back to javascript and html.

  37. I like the text editor from the 2nd cd, a more robust editor would really make it to a lot of my studen’ts shelves. An editor with image insertion would be big. Just a thought.

  38. dsharpe says:

    I am not sure this is the proper place to post, but I would like to see a highly advanced and complete event calendar. Possibly a chapter to publish in Macromedia’s – Flash MX Creating Dynamic Applications – book. I think an excellent example, that would convert well to Flash would be a Flash web enabled version of Apple’s iCal, at least the general idea of pulling in multiple calendars, and displaying in an easy to understand interface.I have worked on something like this, but it is rather complex. Event calendars seem to be sticky subjects.

  39. Raz-L says:

    Hi, for the next DRK, I wish you rewrite almost every previous flash components, to add more component parameters and to allow more precise skinning and layouting.Let’s take the ‘media components’ for example, it works if you don’t touch it, but don’t even think to move a button or something without changing 60 lines of code.I think a lot of these components should be completely rewrited or at least modified, to allow designers to easily “skin” them.There are other points like why isn’t the scrollbar width modifiable ?I don’t see the point of a component, if no one is able to use it, because it’s limited and unskinnableOne other suggestion : a “preload” component with a loading bar, that could be easily used and skinned (yeah I know, again, but it’s important), and that would load MP3s, JPGs or videos.Go tell a basic designer he got to load an external JPG and you’ll get the point ;)And come on, can’t you (I say you, but I mean MM) lower the price or making them free ?Doesn’t MM gets enough money to pay component developers ?It kills me to pay so much for 1 almost usefull and 2 flash unusefull components per DRK. We’re not all part of a big company…my 2 cents

  40. Jason says:

    I’d like to second a previous person’s request for a component that can render mathml. Such a component would definitely enhance Flash’s usefulness as an eLearning tool. (Note that you can use a relatively inexpensive program like Math Type to generate the mathml from equations.)

  41. Phillip R. Cargo says:

    Templates for Extended the Components.Extending Flash components is time consuming. It would be nice if when someone release a component they too would release a template that extends it.I am being to wonder if FRichTextEditorClass can even be extended, possibly due to where the class is lives (_global).