DevNet : New Topic Center

I have been meaning to post this for a couple of days, but haven’t had a chance until now. We have released a new center on the DevNet center. The Topic Center contains articles and resources on the new website.

Here is a list of the current articles:

You can view the new topic center here.

5 Responses to DevNet : New Topic Center

  1. Daniel Dura says:

    Mike,(Just for the record, I will post this in the feedback form also). It seems to me that one of the most important things missing in the articles is a date of publish. Am I just missing it there, is it hiding?

  2. Mike Chambers says:

    Currently, we date technotes but not articles. Please post a suggestion to the feedback form, and i will also forward the request internally.thanks…’mike

  3. Daniel Dura says:

    Thanks Mike… the only reason I mentioned it here was that the article Redesign Production Strategy confused me for a minute until I realized that it was talking about the redesign last year. It sure confused me for a second!

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