FlashForward Film Festival (LIVE!)

The FlashForward Film Festival is about to start. I am going to post the winners as they are announced, so keep hitting the refresh button.

Update : WOW!!!!! James Burchfield, audio poet just gave an amzing freestyle vocal human beat box sessions. Simply amazing!

  • Motion Graphics : elevation
  • Application : GModeler (Grant Skinner)
  • Educational : BrainPop
  • 3D : Tokyo Plastic
  • Story : Life of PI
  • Art : The Beauty if Details
  • Typography : WDDG
  • Navigation : Perfect Fools
  • Cartoon : KunstBar
  • Commerce : Nike Basketball
  • Original Sound : Defenders of the Universe
  • Technical Merit : gskinner (Grant Skinner)
  • Game : Battle for the Sudan
  • Experimental : Repurcussion
  • Video : Eagle F1
  • People Choice : MediaramaS

Thats it for the show. I have to go and get ready for my session in the morning.

2 Responses to FlashForward Film Festival (LIVE!)

  1. Bo Wright says:

    what, no partying? I sure wish I could have made it out there for the fun. Any chance you are doing any video blogging or stuff that was done at Devcon?have fun man, and keep those of us outside updated!

  2. pete says:

    Congrats to all the winners – Mind u we all kinda knew Grant Skinner (OWKA **god**) had the Application section all shown up