FlashForward KeyNote : Macromedia Communication Server 1.5

During the keynote this morning, Kevin Lynch announced that a new version of the Macromedia Flash Communication Server is available. Version 1.5 adds a number of new features and bug fixes including:

  • HTTP Tunneling (to get around firewall issues)
  • Support for Linux
  • MP3 Support

We have also released a free developers edition of the server which does not timeout.

Kevin then showed part of a 15 minute video which was streaming live from the Flash Communication Server and running full screen.

You can find more information on the Flash Communication Server here.

You can read the press release on the new version here.

You can download the free developers edition here.

7 Responses to FlashForward KeyNote : Macromedia Communication Server 1.5

  1. Ben Rhodes says:

    Why no 1.5 update for 1.0 of the Comm Server? Maybe I just couldn’t one. Seems like some minor updates ( even though very welcome ) to justify paying the same price what I just bought 4 months ago.Just wondering…

  2. Thomas says:

    Same here… just upgraded to a 40 Mbit license one week ago. I have downloaded the trial in the hope it would do the update. Unfortunatelly, it tells me it’s the developers version and that I have to un-install the previous version. 🙁 … rather dissapointing. Any comments Macromedia?

  3. Anonymous says:

    could u post the link to that 15 min video..i know the flash com inspiration page has just added the CBC link..and WOW….the web is so gonna be friendly…lolwould love to have u point out some great samples…app’s that u deem great inspiration…an evisionary…looking to mix with others.R

  4. sto says:

    We also purchased 1.0 a couple of months ago. What’s the deal? Is there a free upgrade period, or an upgrade at all?

  5. For the pro version, the old license (in US) were for 1 year. That means, you can get 1.5 free.For personal, well, the new version increased the max users to 50.For production work, you’ll probably just use the free developer version.Here’s an article about the technical changes: http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/mx/flashcom/articles/exploring.html

  6. Stanley says:

    Interesting, but disappointing too.

  7. Stanley says:

    Interesting, but disappointing too.