Josh and Daniel Dura have released a sneak peak of their super RSS Aggregator app in the making. It is named FlogSpot, and currently has two main features. First, it is a great Flash weblog aggregator, on par with Flog and Full as Goog. Second, and the thing that really sets it apart, is that it is also a forum auto populated from the various RSS feeds. Pretty sweet.

They have hinted at some more features, but it is already pretty useful as is.

You can view the site here.

You can view the forums here.

My request? If someone posts a comment to the FlogSpot forum in response to one of my articles, use the weblog xml-rpc api to submit the comment to my site (or at a minimum do a track back ping).

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  1. CFMX Blog says:

    blogBuddy and MT

    Found it. I finally found all the correct settings for blogBuddy. If you’re curious about how to get it working with Moveabletype. Mike Chambers posted up about the MT XML-RPC API. Scroll midway through that page and you’ll find a reference to blogBudd…

  2. Flogspot Update

    Ok, well a while back, we got you all hot and bothered about mine and my brothers new project, Flogspot. We have made some headway on the project, but paying clients have been getting in the way of things 🙂 hehe. So for all you loyal listeners, here i…

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  4. Alojamiento says:

    The site of flog, it’s no available now, i think of that gonna be solved in a few hours… :(Bye

  5. chicas rusas says:

    Yes, y see that…

  6. Hi, i’m from uruguay, the problem is not solved yet… i try later, bye 🙂