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FlashForward Keynote : DRK 3 Sneak Peak

I gave a sneak peak of DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3, which we are just wrapping up. It is really shaping up to be the strongest DRK yet, with:

  • Full ColdFusion Content
  • 8 New Components including a new Flash UI Component Set
  • ActionScript DataValidation Library
  • A number of sample application with full source code.
  • Dreamweaver content and extensions.

I showed one of the sample applications included on DRK 3, RSSify. This application creates, edits and managers RSS / XML Feeds, and Macromedia actually uses it internally to publish our new DevNet RSS XML feed.

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Correction : Logged In : Video on Flash for Pocket PC

There was an error in my Logged In Article on the FlashForward keynote. I stated that the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC did not have support for video. That is incorrect, it does have support for Flash 6 Video.

Sorry for the hassle…

FlashForward Keynote : Royale Sneak Peak

At the end of the FlashForward Keynote this morning, Kevin ran a video from one of the Macromedia engineers who is working on some new technology (code named Royale) that we are working on. He showed a Flash based input form with multiple sections. He then showed the code used to build it, which was written entirely in XML. Not only was the entire Flash application created from the XML file, but so was all of the databinding (SOAP Based), ActionScript and StyleSheets (yes, Cascading Style Sheets).

I can’t really say much beyond that, other than this is a very exciting technology that we are working on, and which you will be hearing more about in the coming year.

FlashForward Day 1

Well, I missed almost the entire first day of FlashForward. I was busy getting ready for the keynote. However, I did get to hang around a little at the end of the day, and ended up running into a bunch of FlashEnabled authors (Phillip Torrone, Christian Cantrell, Glenn Thomas, Billy Perry and Fred Sharples).

Sean Voisen has been blogging a couple of sessions from the conference, including:

Ill be helping out with the keynote in the morning. There is some really cool stuff lined up. I can’t say exactly what it is, but think new product (and its not what you are thinking)!

FlashForward 2003 San Francisco

Well, today is the first day of FlashForward. I haven’t had a chance to get out to the conference yet (I am busy working on some surprises), but I have talked to a few people who are there, and I hear that it is packed, and that people are really excited.

I will be heading out there in a couple of hours, so if you see me, make sure to say hi. In the meantime, if you are attending, make sure to fill out your profile. This is a pretty cool application built in Flash which makes it really easy to find other people with similar skills and interest.

Also, I will be blogging the conference as much as I can. You can view the FlashForward section for all of the posts.

New Macromedia MX Promotion / Groundbreaking Sites

We are running a promotion right now where if you buy Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX or Macromedia Studio MX Plus, you get free shipping. The first 500 people also get a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.

I usually don’t post promotion stuff like this, but the webpage for the site highlights some nice sites made with Macromedia MX products. The sites highlighted are the Volvo XC90, Sony Classical, and the Terminator3 site.

You can view the highlights as well as find more information on the promotion here.

DRK 3 Sneak Peak?

I had forgotten that this page was on-line, but Waldo pointed out today that we have a page on the website which describes some of the content planned for the next DevNet Resource Kit (DRK 3).

You can view the info here.

I can’t give an more specifics on it, but I can say that it is only a sample of the content planned. Of course, FlashForward is going on this week, so there is no telling what new information may come out. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

FlashForward 2003 San Francisco

I will be heading out to San Francisco next week for FlashForward. As usual, it is shaping up to be a great conference, and from what I hear it is already or just about sold out.

I can’t give any specifics (or hints), but the keynote should be very cool. Ill also be doing a session on Flash Remoting, and helping out in the Macromedia Developers Lab.

Of course, as I have in the past, I will also be blogging the conference as much as possible. I may even take my cam corder and take and post some video.

You can visit the FlashForward website here.

If you are attending the conference make sure to say hi.

Disabling Access to Web Services from Flash Remoting

The new ColdFusion MX updater provides the options to disable access to web services from Flash via Flash Remoting. From the release notes:

Access to webservices are disabled by default in updater 3, so if you are calling them from Flash via Flash Remoting, you will need to enabled them.

ColdFusion MX Updater 3 Release / Flash Remoting Update

We have release Updater 3 for ColdFusion MX (and ColdFusion MX for J2EE). This release focuses on stability and fixes a number of issues.

You can download the updater and read the FAQ here.

You can view the release notes here.