ColdFusion content on DRK 3

DRK 3 is the first DRK that we have released with full ColdFusion content. Christian Cantrell, the server community manager, has posted some info and screen shots of all of the ColdFusion content included on DRK 3.

You can view the info here.

One Response to ColdFusion content on DRK 3

  1. hey mike,I’m just installing cfmx enterprise on our server at mediatemple. we tried last year but it was way too unstable but now updater 3 has been released and people are making noises about it having sorted the linux issues we’re having another there someone you can put me in touch with who might be able to help with some specific issues? the tech notes are very confusing because they’re specific to updater 2 with amendments for updater 3 only in places – it isn’t consistent…cheers for any help…Pete.