Data Connection Kit available for DevNet Pro Subscribers

The Macromedia Flash MX Data Connection kit is now available for download for DevNet Pro subscribers. You can download it from your subscription portal.

Couple of notes:

  • This is windows only, so will only be available if you have a Windows DevNet Pro subscription.
  • The download is for the Macromedia Firefly components. You can download Flash Remoting separately from your subscription page

You can find more information on the Macromedia Data Connection Kit here and here.

You can find more information about DevNet Pro subscriptions here.

6 Responses to Data Connection Kit available for DevNet Pro Subscribers

  1. Macromedia

    This is the first non-medical post in a while … but bear with me .. we’re just back from our long weekend in Montreal .. with a brief stop along the way home in Lake Placid. —- Macromedia has released another product…

  2. If purchase DevNet Pro in a couple of months will I recieve previous DRKs and the DC Kit; as well as have access to the Macromedia Central beta (although it might have been released by then)?

  3. Kristopher Schultz says:

    Where can I find information on why (technically) the Firefly components are Windows only? I’m a little confused (and dismayed) as to how a Flash component can be platform dependent.We Mac developers had to face this kind of hurdle when first trying to develop for FlashComm Server. It’s not fun. :-(- Kris

  4. Amita says:

    i wanted to know fromwhere can i download complete guide on FLASHSCRIPT.

  5. mike says:

    may i have free flashscript for games