DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 is Available

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 (DRK 3) is avaliable today to DevNet Pro and DevNet Essentials subscribers. DRK 3 contains Flash, Dreamweaver and for the first time, complete ColdFusion content.

So what Flash content does it contain?

I have written a logged in article which discusses some of the highlights of DRK 3.

If you already have a DevNet Pro or DevNet Essentials Subscription you can download DRK 3 from your subscription portal later today.

Here are some links with more info:

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3

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DevNet Essentials Subscriptions

DevNet Pro Subscriptions

14 Responses to DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 is Available

  1. anon says:

    The download is not available on the subscription site

  2. Very pleased to see the validation of text fields make it in there – in my recent book that I wrote for Macromedia Press, Reality J2EE :: Architecting for Flash MX, we devoted 5 chapters to the issue of form prepopulation, and validation, by extending text entry components. We also extended the validation to other standard components, such as combo boxes, list boxes, etc….and as well as providing validate methods on individual form elements, created the notion of a “form” and a “form set” that allowed collections of form elements to validate themselves, first on the client, and then on the server.The scheme we used was very similar to what Macromedia have implemented here … the notion of static “classes” of validation rules, and the assignation of a rule to a form element, to allow reuse of rules. So, our validation framework would work very well alongside this framework.Do Macromedia intend extending this into a more general validation framework, supporting other components with a common means of invoking validation, and reporting validation failures ? We provided hooks that allowed form elements to “know” how to display themselves as requiring correction — any plans for something similar ?This is a great step in the right direction … keen to know how this is going to extend into future and previous component releases.Details of the iteration::two validation framework in the aforementioned book, with accompanying website at

  3. mike chambers says:

    Yep. As I posted, it should be avaliable later today.mike

  4. Norm says:

    This is good news Mike.It’s amazing how blogs are now transferring information as fast as search engines (if you know where to look).

  5. says:

    DRK3 Now Available

    Macromedia announced the release of the Developers Resource Kit version 3 today. There are quite a few fun goodies in this collection, including a few things, like the RSSify application and news aggregator, that the Brothers Dura had their hands…

  6. Yellow says:

    I dont understand why i will need to pay 299$ for 5 components that I am intresed on, is there a way to get it without the all package and in normal price ??????

  7. Sorty says:

    Set 4 cost 99$, what is it a joke ?

  8. Mike Chambers says:

    The $299 includes a years worth of DRks (4 total) which is a $399 value.if you don’t want to subscribe to the DRKs, then you can wait 3 months, and buy DRK 3 by itself.mike

  9. Mike, you didn’t post a link to your little exposé: stuff 😉

  10. Been looking through the new DRK and wanted to say this is the most useful DRK thus far. Thanks you Mike and everyone at Macromedia for putting this together.My favorite: the TextField Components

  11. David Sharpe says:

    Mike:I was wondering what the differences between the DRK 3 – Device UI Components and Traditional UI Components. The do not seem to work the same?David

  12. Mike Chambers says:

    They are the same. We have provided them on the DRK for convinence.There is an extra article included, and the components should be easier to install (they are wrapped in an MXP).Hope that helps clarify everything…mike

  13. Phillip Kerman says:

    I don’t understand why the DRK 3 says the following:”The complete archive of the DevNet website from November 2002 to March 2003″It just isn’t true. Sorry to just harp on this point–but I’m curious… maybe the people putting content on the CD just need to be aware that many items in the complete archive are links to They won’t work, for example, when I stick in the CDROM while on an airplane.Thanks,Phillip

  14. P.S. It’s a sweet DRK!