DRK 3 : Accordion Pane / Slider Examples

I have uploaded another example of some of the components included the DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) Volume 3. This example uses the Accordion Pane and Slider components, and demonstrates sorting sections, and changing the transition speed within the Accordion Pane components. In this example, the sections do not have any content, although when you are using them they would.

This example is included on the DRK (one of the 66 component sample files).

You can view the online docs for the Accordion Pane and Slider component here.

You can find more information about the Flash UI Component Set 5 (which includes the TextField and Tab components) here.

You can find more information about DRK 3 here.

Here is the code:[code]//This gets called when the value of the slider changesonSliderChange = function(){var val = transition_sld.getIntValue();transition_txf.text = val;myAccordion_acp.setTransitionTime(val);}//set the change handler for the slidertransition_sld.setChangeHandler(“onSliderChange”);//This will sort in ascending orderonSortASCPress = function(){myAccordion_acp.sortItemsBy(“label”);}//this will sort in descending orderonSortDESCPress = function(){myAccordion_acp.sortItemsBy(“label”, “desc”);}//initialize valuesonSliderChange();[/code]

12 Responses to DRK 3 : Accordion Pane / Slider Examples

  1. Frank says:

    Mike,I’m confused about the new releases. On the MM site it is said that next to the new DRK, there is also the DCK with the FireFly components. But I checked our DevNet subscription and only DRK 3 is here? Well, don’t get me wrong, that one alone is a killer-release, but I am very interested in the data connection kit. What’s the story?

  2. mike chambers says:

    Sorry for the confusion. The Data Connection Kit was announced on Monday, but has not been released yet.It will be avaliable on your DevNet subscription portal as soon as it is released (soon).hope that clears it up.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  3. scott says:

    when there is a mac version will that be available as well?

  4. mike chambers says:

    The components on the DRK work on any platform that Flash is supported.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  5. Scott Barnes says:

    Hey Mike,When you do the sort, i noticed that it sorts the labels only and not the panels opened/closed aswell (ie if you put a cluster of icons within the nav area then it wouldn’t work properly)..Oh one other thing, why does MM do the mass “OOOh look at firefly” marketing, which has everyones mouths watering and eager to buy/download and then hit us with a “Stay tuned”…I want/need/love/prease it now 🙂

  6. scott says:

    I wasn’t asking about the drk, i was asking about the firefly components. I thought i read in the press release that they were only available for windows at first. am i right?

  7. Greg Burch says:

    Hey Scott,can you clarify what you said about sorting? The component will maintain the selected index (that makes sense to me)Is that what you are referring too, would you expect it to maintain the section that was open before the sort instead of just the section at the index?

  8. Scott Barnes says:

    Hi Greg,It “appears” that when you do a sort, the index stays open to the relevant panel that you opened…ieBBBBAAAA- obj- objCCCCIf you hit sort, it looks as if its just simply doing:AAAABBBB- obj- objCCCCIt could also be a matter of “I have index[2] open” you hit sort, and it sorts the labels in ASC, and then open up whatever label ends up being index[2] and closes the one you originally had opened???p.s mike and all..I am just finishing up the conversion of the FUIComponentClass into DHTML compliant.. what that means is if you have a FMX/DHTML interface, you can skin your components via one XML packet that works pretty much the exact same way for both technologies, thus enabling you to create DOM components that mimic FMX and vice versa.Cool.

  9. marty gittins says:

    After purchasing, downloading and installing the Flash MX Data Connection Kit for Windows, I have copied all the Firefly Component FLAs from the Flash MX/Configuration/Firefly folder on the PC into the Users/marty/library/application support/Macromedia/Flash MX/Configuration/Components Folder on the Mac OS X 10.2, and voila.The Components show up in the Components panel and I can drag and drop them onto the stage, and edit their parameters. Everything seems to be working fine, though I’ve only really tested the Firefly XML components. I’ve also copied over some of the SWF’s that need to placed in the same folder as the FLA apps your authoring.Has anyone spotted anything from the Firefly Components that doesn’t work on the Mac? Is there any reason why the Firefly Components couldn’t be made available for Mac? I guess I’m probably breaching the terms of the licence here.

  10. David Harrod says:

    I’m seeing a problem with the accordion pane when created with Actionscript.If I drag an instance from the components panel everything works as exected. But if I try to create one with actionscript using something likeattachMovie(“FAccordionPaneSymbol”, “new_acp”,1);ormyAccordion_acp.duplicateMovieClip(“new_acp”,2);(where myAccodion_acp is the instance created manually)the resulting instance is goofy.Goofy? Well, it sort of works but when you click on (select) an item it reports itself as being a the next item up in the index (in an instance with 3 items, item 0 will say it’s item 1, item 2 will say it’s 0) and content is drawn incorrectly.Am I missing something obvious here? Has anyone else seen this? Or is it me?

  11. I’m trying with no success to centeralise my layers within a web page similar to just simply centering tables, but I just can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it I’ve got both dreamweaver (ultradev) or mx.If anyone can help with my problem please please help I’m going crazy and know it’s something really simple! I’m putting the culprit page up at http://www.lonedog.co.uk/bloody_layers.html. I know it’s something to do with setting up a style sheet to center them but what do I do???

  12. sean says:

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