DRK 3 : Accordion Pane / Slider Examples

I have uploaded another example of some of the components included the DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) Volume 3. This example uses the Accordion Pane and Slider components, and demonstrates sorting sections, and changing the transition speed within the Accordion Pane components. In this example, the sections do not have any content, although when you are using them they would.

This example is included on the DRK (one of the 66 component sample files).

You can view the online docs for the Accordion Pane and Slider component here.

You can find more information about the Flash UI Component Set 5 (which includes the TextField and Tab components) here.

You can find more information about DRK 3 here.

Here is the code:[code]//This gets called when the value of the slider changesonSliderChange = function(){var val = transition_sld.getIntValue();transition_txf.text = val;myAccordion_acp.setTransitionTime(val);}//set the change handler for the slidertransition_sld.setChangeHandler(“onSliderChange”);//This will sort in ascending orderonSortASCPress = function(){myAccordion_acp.sortItemsBy(“label”);}//this will sort in descending orderonSortDESCPress = function(){myAccordion_acp.sortItemsBy(“label”, “desc”);}//initialize valuesonSliderChange();[/code]