DRK : Week View Example 1

I have uploaded another component example from Flash UI Component Set 5 on DRK 3. This one uses the Week View component (DRK 3) as well as the Advanced Calendar Component from DRK 2.

This example is included on the DRK (one of the 66 component sample files).

You can view the on-line docs for the Week View componenthere.

You can find more information about the Flash UI Component Set 5 (which includes the Week View component) here.

You can find more information about DRK 3 here.

Here is the code:[code]//Set up the arrays of French day and month abbreviations.var days_fr = [“Dim”, “Lun”, “Mar”, “Mer”, “Jeu”, “Ven”, “Sam”];var months_fr = [“Jan”, “Fev”, “Mar”, “Avr”, “Mai”, “Jui”, “Jui”,”Aou”, “Sep”, “Oct”, “Nov”, “Dec”];//store the english day and month abbreviationsvar days_en = myWeekView_wkv.getDayArray();var months_en = myWeekView_wkv.getMonthArray();//this function sets the new languages for the components.function setLanguage(lan){myWeekView_wkv.setDayArray(this[“days_” + lan]);myWeekView_wkv.setMonthArray(this[“months_” + lan]);myCalendar.setMonthNames(this[“months_” + lan]);}//make sure the initial value matches the combo box.setLanguage(language_cb.getValue());//change handler for combo boxfunction onLanguageChange(){var lan = language_cb.getValue();setLanguage(lan);}language_cb.setChangeHandler(“onLanguageChange”);//change handler for week view componentfunction onWeekChange(){var selectedDate = myWeekView_wkv.getSelectedDate();myCalendar.setSelectedItem(selectedDate);myCalendar.setDisplayedMonth(selectedDate);}//change handler for calendar componentfunction onCalendarChange(){var selectedDate = myCalendar.getSelectedItem();myWeekView_wkv.setSelectedDate(selectedDate);}myCalendar.setChangeHandler(“onCalendarChange”);myWeekView_wkv.setChangeHandler(“onWeekChange”);//make sure both calendar components are synced up.onWeekChange();[/code]