Macromedia Flash UI Components Set 5

As I posted earlier, the DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 (DRK 3) is available today. One of the highlights of DRK 3 is the Flash UI Components Set 5.

The new component set includes the following components:

Tab View: The Tab component provides an advanced user-interface element for displaying and navigating between multiple elements within an application.Week View: The Week View Calendar component allows users to navigate easily through a calendar and select days and weeks.TextField: The TextField component is an easy-to-use text field that validates data and supports icons.Slider: The Slider component gives developers an easy-to-use user-interface widget for selecting a value within a range.Accordion Pane: The Accordion Pane component creates an advanced multi-section menu pane.We have also provided extensive documentation for the components. This includes:

  • Full Flash Reference Panel Documentation
  • Full HTML Documentation
  • Full PDF based documentation (nearly 300 pages!)
  • Over 60 example files demonstrating virtually every single API.

We have made the HTML docs available online. You can view them here.DRK 3 is available to DevNet Pro and DevNet Essentials Subscribers. If you already have a subscription you will be able to download DRK 3 from the subscription portal later today and you should receive your DRK cd in the mail in the next week or so.If you are not a subscriber, you can find more information on DevNet Essentials and DRK 3 with the links below: DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 Subscribe to DevNet EssentialsI will be posting some example files of the components over the next couple of days, so if there are any particular things you would like to see, or if you have any questions about the components post them in the comments.

14 Responses to Macromedia Flash UI Components Set 5

  1. Mathew says:

    mike’s top 5.coolio, mango. you’re a superstar on the front page of the site.-mathew

  2. mike chambers says:

    be afraid, be very afraid…mike

  3. Amit says:

    man, i developed an accordian pane for myself a few months ago…seems like you guys implemented the methods i had planned for future updates…nice.

  4. Nice work Mike, but I fail to see, reading the online documentation, why the TextField doesn’t have a specific icon for “required”.

  5. Mike Chambers says:

    You can easily add custom icons. What do you think a required icon would look like?mike

  6. Greg Burch says:

    We kept the provided icons to a minimum so we didn’t bulk up the libraries with un-needed stuff by unsuspecting users. There is an api to provide your own icon.setIcon(linkageName) you can also mess around with placement etc of the icon by using getIcon()One trick to keep the component from redrawing by setting a new icon is to use one icon with frames and using getIcon to change the frames that it is on. Just a random tip for you :)-Greg

  7. Tom says:

    Great set as usual. I’m looking forward to getting this one.One question: we have sets 1-3 plus the Datagrid and have put them in a shared library. When I did that I get the warning about replacing items. I know the FLabel has changed, for example, but I’m never sure what else.Is it always recommended to take the most recent components and write over the older?At some point will Macromedia release a set of components that are already synced up?Thanks!Tom

  8. mike chambers says:

    The issue is with the datagrid component, so once you have added it, then do not overwrite the files.When you add the data grid you should have it rewrite the riles.hope that helps… sorry for the confusion…mike

  9. brian says:

    where can i find the ui flash component sets 1-5. Which files do i need to copy and where in the program files do i save them?

  10. Martha says:

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  11. Abel says:

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  12. Don says:

    Nice Component, easy to script as far as the menu options are concerned. I’m populating the Accordion Pane through XML, but can’t seem to dynamically set the menu options in the linkage Movie Clips… If I have an instance of them on the stage, no problem, but the component links to them in the library where thay are empty. – what can I do??

  13. Chris Bare says:

    How do I get the tab view component? According to the DRK page, if I sign up, I only get the current and future versions. Is there some place to purchase or download the Flash UI Components Set 5?

  14. Anonymous says:

    How do I get the tab view component to work with Flash 8? It only works when I export as 6, I need 8 for other parts.