New Macromedia Weblog : Tech Sales

We have launched a new Macromedia weblog. The Macromedia Tech Sales weblog is run by some of our Sales Engineers (SEs). They are the developers who go out and run the seminars about our products, and use the tools almost every days.

There are already two posts (or I should say mini tutorials) up on the site:

Facade Pattern in ActionScript

Sending XML from Flash to ColdFusion

They will be making posts about multiple products and technologies, so make sure to check them out.

You can view the site at:

4 Responses to New Macromedia Weblog : Tech Sales

  1. Kristopher Schultz says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I’ll take all the MM blogs I can get, but…I do question the proliferation of MM blogs at times. First off, I was thrilled when Mike Williams began his blog, but when more than a month can go by without a post, you have to question whether a blog is the most appropriate platform.Now, the articles on the Tech Sales blog are *exactly* what I like to see…on DevNet. I know, I know, the blog was just born. And don’t take my criticism too seriously, but at times it seems to require more and more effort to agregate all of this truly valuable info from MM.Anyone feel the same?- Kris

  2. Mike Chambers says:

    >but at times it seems to require more and more effort to agregate all of this truly valuable info from MMTry this link: aggregates all Macromedia RSS feeds, including the DevNet feed and all of the weblog feeds.hope that helps…mike

  3. Kristopher Schultz says:

    Mike, that link *is* helpful! Cool.That aggregator helps reduce the time I spend clicking from site to site to check for new entries, which is appreciated. But it is still a time-sensitive view of information. It doesn’t address my original concern. Blog entries “decay” as time goes on – the further below the fold they get pushed, the more invisible they become.This is a concern for articles like Kevin’s “Facade Pattern” entry. If 3 months from now I’m looking for information on, say, OOP patterns that might be helpful for a project I’m working on (pretend I never saw Kevin’s blog entry), my logical destination is going to be a reference site like DevNet – not weeding through the archives in someone’s blog in the hopes that I’ll find something relavent. At least not if that person is a MM employee, who we perceive as “sitting right next to” the DevNet editors.Over on the Tech Sales blog, Kevin implied that the DevNet editors are too busy to accept articles like his. What!?I just don’t want to see great reference information burried by the passage of time, at least not when it would appear to take so little effort to keep this from happenning.Sorry for the dissertation. :-)- Kris

  4. Mike Chambers says:

    Well, those post may make it to DevNet, but by having the weblog you can access them now.Plus, the site does have a search engine, and google indexes both and the weblogs.thanks for the comments…mike