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New Beta Report

We have posted a new beta report about the macromedia website. This report focuses on browser compatibility, and accessibility. It also includes two Breeze presentations on the Advanced Global Navigation and our Web Analytics tools and surveys.

You can view the report here.

You can view all of the reports here and here.

DRK 3 : Tab Component Example 1

Here is another example of one of the DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) 3 components. This one is an advanced usage of the Tab component, which shows how to specify custom tabs (in this case to add icons to the tabs). It also uses the TextField Component.

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Spoof me and win a DRK contest

OK. As many of you have noticed, some of our DRK marketing materials use some pictures of me. You can see some examples on the macromedia home page (you may have to reload it a couple of time) as well as here, here and here.

Well, I don’t know what to say except that marketing made me do it! Anyways, I have already seen a couple of spoofs, so I figured I would roll with it. So, I am going to hold a contest for the best spoof of the DRK ads. The winner will receive a copy of DRK 3.

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DRK 3 : TextField / DataValidation Example 1

I have been getting some requests for some examples of the components included on DRK 3, so I am going to try and post a bunch over the coming days.

The first example is a simple one showing how to validate user input using the TextField component and Data Validation library.

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Which DRKs are included with DevNet Pro

I have been getting a lot of questions today about which DRKs are included with DevNet Pro Subscriptions. So here is the answer.

When you subscribe to DevNet Pro, you get:

  • DRK Special Edition (Contains a selection of the extensions and components from Volumes 1 and 2)
  • The current DRK (which is currently 3)
  • The next 3 DRKs

So basically, DevNet Pro includes DRK 1 and 2, which were part of Studio MX plus, plus a subscription to DevNet Essentials. Hope that helps clarify the question.

ColdFusion content on DRK 3

DRK 3 is the first DRK that we have released with full ColdFusion content. Christian Cantrell, the server community manager, has posted some info and screen shots of all of the ColdFusion content included on DRK 3.

You can view the info here.

Downloading DRK 3 from your subscription portal

If you are a DevNet Pro or DevNet Essentials subscriber, DRK 3 will be available for download from Your on-line subscription portal in the next couple of hours. You should receive an email when it is available.

Update : DRK 3 is now available for download from your subscription portal.

Macromedia Flash UI Components Set 5

As I posted earlier, the DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 (DRK 3) is available today. One of the highlights of DRK 3 is the Flash UI Components Set 5.

The new component set includes the following components:

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DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 is Available

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 (DRK 3) is avaliable today to DevNet Pro and DevNet Essentials subscribers. DRK 3 contains Flash, Dreamweaver and for the first time, complete ColdFusion content.

So what Flash content does it contain?

I have written a logged in article which discusses some of the highlights of DRK 3.

If you already have a DevNet Pro or DevNet Essentials Subscription you can download DRK 3 from your subscription portal later today.

Here are some links with more info:

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3

Subscribe to DevNet Essentials

DevNet Essentials Subscriptions

DevNet Pro Subscriptions

New Macromedia Weblog : Tech Sales

We have launched a new Macromedia weblog. The Macromedia Tech Sales weblog is run by some of our Sales Engineers (SEs). They are the developers who go out and run the seminars about our products, and use the tools almost every days.

There are already two posts (or I should say mini tutorials) up on the site:

Facade Pattern in ActionScript

Sending XML from Flash to ColdFusion

They will be making posts about multiple products and technologies, so make sure to check them out.

You can view the site at: