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Keep up with Macromedia Product Updates

If you are using multiple Macromedia products, it can be difficult to keep up with the latests patches and updates (unless of course you have DevNet Pro).

I just noticed that we have a page on our new website which lists the latest product and player updates.

You can view the page here.

Flash in the Can Toronto Photos

Dave Yang has posted a ton of photos from the Flash in the Can conference.

Of particular interest are two photos from Josh Davis’s presentation outline some useful tips for doing some cool stuff with Flash.

Ripping large amounts of shapes and colors for use in ActionScript

Capturing ActionScript Programs for Print

You can view all of the pictures here.

Btw, I had a great time at the conference this week. I want to thanks Shawn Pucknell and crew for putting on such an amazing conference. I am already looking forward to the conference for next year.

DevNet Center Update

We have released some new Flash MX resources, articles and tutorials at This releases centers around an update to the Database Topic Center, and includes a new sample application and tutorial that shows how to build a Flash and ColdFusion based Bicycle Parts Catalog.

You can visit the DevNet Center here.

You can visit the DataBase Topic Center

MovableType and ActionScript : MTCodeBeautifier

I just installed Sean Voisen’s MovableType plugin, MTCodeBeautifier and it works like a charm.

You can see it in action here.

You can find more information on it here.

Now we just need a ColdFusion syntax file ; )

The only thing I can’t figure out is how to have it not strip the whitespace from my code. It messes up my indenting. If anyone has any suggestions, post them in the comments.

Props to Sean for putting this together.

Flash Communication Server 1.5

At FlashForward in San Francisco two weeks ago we announced the new version of the Macromedia Flash Communication Server (1.5). However, it got lost in all of the excitement and discussion about Macromedia Central.

Some of the new features in 1.5 include:

  • HTTP Tunneling
  • SSL Support
  • Linux Version
  • Support for loading and streaming mp3s

There is also now a free developers version which does not timeout.

Upgrades from 1.0 are free for Professional Edition users, and $99 for Personal Edition users.

Phillip Kerman has written a really good article on the new features which you can read here.

You can find more information on the Flash Communication Server at the:

Check it out.

FlashInTheCan Live Online

FlashInTheCan has set up live streaming video from their conference. You can view it from the link on their main page.

If you are fast enough, you can catch Josh Davis’s session which is going on as I post this.. : new GoogleSearch ActionScript Class

I have created two classes that wrap the Google Search API / Webservice. They use Flash Remoting to connect to the Google API and then return a GoogleSearchResults object which includes the results and other information about the query.

It requires a valid google id key, which you can get for free from google. Also, if you download the developer’s kit from google, you can find information on what the search api returns.

The code below isn’t documented (or extensively tested), but if people are interested I will clean it up, fully document it and release it.

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Macromedia T-Shirts available on-line

Well you asked for it, and we have made it available. You can now buy Macromedia schwag (sp?) on-line.

We have a number of items available including hats, and a number of t-shirts. This is really a test to gage the interest, and so there are limited amounts.

You can find more info and well as purchase the items here.

What other type of stuff would you like to see available? Post your thoughts in the comments.

FlashInTheCan Day 1 Update

The FlashInTheCan festival in Toronto is well into day 1 and has gotten off to a great start.

Kevin Lynch kicked off the festival with the keynote this morning. He talked about the new Flash Communication Server 1.5, noting that there is now a free developer’s edition which does not time out. Colin Moock came up next and showed off some of the FireFly components from CyberSage. After that, I came up and talked about DevNet Pro subscriptions. I then gave a sneak peak of DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 which will be available to DevNet Pro and Essentials subscribers next week. Kevin then came back up and showed off Macromedia Central, and the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC.

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Waxpraxis / Branden Hall Update

I just spoke with Branden Hall at FlashInTheCan, and he let me know that his DSL provide went under, which is why his website ( has been down.

He has transfered to a new provider, and his site should be up in the next couple of days as the new DNS info propagates.