Spoof me and win a DRK contest

OK. As many of you have noticed, some of our DRK marketing materials use some pictures of me. You can see some examples on the macromedia home page (you may have to reload it a couple of time) as well as here, here and here.

Well, I don’t know what to say except that marketing made me do it! Anyways, I have already seen a couple of spoofs, so I figured I would roll with it. So, I am going to hold a contest for the best spoof of the DRK ads. The winner will receive a copy of DRK 3.

Spoof created by Phillip Torrone

Just send the link to your spoof directly to me at: mesh@macromedia.com or post it in the comments. I’ll post the finalist, and then I (along with a few other judges) will pick the winner. The deadline is next Monday, April 28 at 5 pm est.

111 Responses to Spoof me and win a DRK contest

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you say vanity

  2. mike chambers says:

    ???I don’t think that is being vain at all. I am just rolling with what was already going on (i had already seen two spoofs last night).If you can’t laugh at yourself…mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  3. Jen says:

    Marketing did it for the ladies =)

  4. pt says:

    spoof or be spoofed.i like it, i’m going to enter more.cheers,pt

  5. Robin says:

    Leaping stacked CD’s in a single bound!; )

  6. not vain – but very foolish :Dmike, you have no idea what’s coming your way do you!? 😉

  7. mike chambers says:

    trust me, I am expecting just about anything…mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  8. zeh says:

    Mike, you might want to try a partnership (or just drop a note) with fark.com, worth10000.com or somethingawful.com – no, seriously. They are guys who do photoshop contests everyday, and I know there are some (mostly young) developers there.That’d be fun, at least.

  9. Ralf Siegel says:

    Well, quite obvious but hey – I will pass the price to the second winner anyway *g*http://code.audiofarm.de/temp/mikec_drk3.jpg

  10. brian says:

    I was going to post until I saw http://www.flashcraft.com/fun/addspoof.jpgFolks, contest over. We have a winner.

  11. pt says:

    macromedia sent mike back in time, to get sarah connor.http://www.flashenabled.com/nimages/watchout.jpg

  12. yellow is the winner!yellow definately is the winner!lmao!!

  13. lincoln says:

    kung pow, enter the DK3!starring mike chambershttp://www.senseofsight.com/be_like_mike.htm

  14. ericd says:

    The REAL Mike Chambers we all secretly guessed about…http://www.ericd.net/garden/mesh_spoof.jpg

  15. HA! Thats great Eric!Heres entry #3 for me, its a big one:http://www.impossibilities.com/mchambers/mike_hulk.jpg

  16. Ralf Siegel says:

    I couldn’t resist – here’s #2:http://code.audiofarm.de/temp/jd_drk3.jpg

  17. Peter Elst says:

    Great competition, love the entries thus far … here’s mine 😉http://www.peterelst.com/fun/mike-spoof.jpg

  18. Mike K says:

    Let me say up front that I have the upmost respect for Macromedia products. OK, here’s my version. Sorry, didn’t do any compression.http://www.klepperwebdesign.com/chambersspoof/

  19. ericd says:

    it simply had to be done. it’s big but progressive…http://www.ericd.net/garden/mesh_spoof2.jpg

  20. ericd says:

    for hours of fun…www.ericd.net/garden/mesh_spoof3.gif

  21. mike chambersm says:

    oh man, i have tear rolling down my cheaks from laughing so hard.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  22. Good stuff. I’ll have mine on Sunday.

  23. andy makely says:

    C’mon folks. You haven’t been listening to Mike preach. It’s all about the EXPERIENCE. It’s gotta be interactive.http://www.rendermouse.com/lab/flash/meshhair.html😀

  24. g.wygonik says:

    perhaps the _real_ meaning of the DRKs?http://www.artificialcolors.com/drk/mesh_street.jpgor some interactive fun? (sorry no pre-loader and it’s about 450k)http://www.artificialcolors.com/drk/drk3.htmlenjoyg.

  25. subculture06 says:

    Mesh left MM to explore a possible career in music. DRK3 is really the name of his new album.http://www.subculturealliance.com/images/sukka.jpgRob … the Hulk … good stuff.: J

  26. Bob Clagett says:

    my first attempt (haven’t touched photoshop in years)http://www.culturemagnet.com/CM/images/mikecrawler.jpg

  27. Jorge Mesa says:

    My first one:Why mike is working harder on this DRK3 campaign…http://usuarios.lycos.es/fanzines/mesh.jpg

  28. Here’s one taken from one of my fav shows, now gone.

  29. Matt Voerman says:

    Mike – May he live long and prosper http://www.schematic.com.au/liveLong.jpg

  30. kosso says:

    Wooo Hoooooo!! Go Mike!!!!Errr.. sorry ;)grabbing your xml feed too B)http://www.kosso.com/meshblog.html

  31. Andrew says:

    These are all really funny. ha

  32. msaleh says:

    wow.. I started my day laughing.. I didn’t imagine the Flash community to be that funny in spirit..

  33. Here’s mine, titled:Macromedia Information Ministerhttp://www.derekfranklin.com/freebies/info_minister.htmHope you like! :)Derek

  34. popie says:

    What is the DRK?popie

  35. Samuel Neff says:

    Come on people, we’re supposed to be FLASH developers. 🙂http://sam.blinex.com/tst/AccordianMike.html

  36. kosso says:

    exactly !! :)) http://www.kosso.com/meshblog.html(not related: by I just finished this http://futoria.com/flawing ) ;))

  37. Elvis Way A Girl’s Need

  38. Turn up the volume and listen to the great man who built the DRK3. 🙂http://www.communen.com/mesh/

  39. Oh, and for those who didn’t get that; the sound comes from the “top 5” breeze presentation:http://www.macromedia.com/special/drk/top5/

  40. Peter Elst says:

    Here’s another entry:http://www.peterelst.com/fun/mike-spoof2.jpg

  41. Peter Elst says:

    OK, sorry about that … for some reason the link broke:http://www.peterelst.com/fun/mike-spoof2.jpg

  42. matt weber says:

    Here is my GRANDMASTAMESH!

  43. Stacy says:

    Yup, think this is winner lolhttp://www.communen.com/mesh/

  44. Aziz Peregrino-Brimah says:

    Geofreey Williams takes the cake if you ask me. :0)

  45. http://www.bezworks.com/mesh/A quick creation. Very quick. Hope it wins. Tell your twin brother I said hello, Mike. You know who I’m speaking of. You’ll see. LOL.

  46. Sure, I’ll give it a shot…coming in at around 600K.ENJOY!Josiah

  47. kosso says:

    Ooo… meshspoof WITH LIVE XML feed from this blog! woohoo!http://www.kosso.com/meshblog.html

  48. Just to clarify; http://www.communen.com/mesh/ was not my creation. I did not mean to imply that if I did. It was posted by Anders WikstromApril 26, 2003 01:03 PM. I’m simply applauding it as I believe it is simplistic but very creative and funny; I believe it will be the winner.

  49. Manoj Singh says:

    Its make me MAGIC and it chance for you.

  50. Richard says:

    Well done Mike….we can all use a bit of humour…specially at the expence of others :)Here’s my attempt from downunder, sorry it’s late but we’re a bit slow down here …only found out about this todayhttp://www.jones.com.au/mesh

  51. Edgar says:

    Just found out about it 10 minutes ago!! Enjoy!!!http://www.es2design.com/spoof/mike_chambers – spoof1.jpghttp://www.es2design.com/spoof/mike_chambers – spoof2.jpg

  52. rmz says:

    oh yeah.. it’s rocks !!!!

  53. mike chambers says:

    —————————————–The deadline for submissions has passed.I will post the winners soon.—————————————–mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  54. Andrew Harp says:

    Dreams. Determination. DRK on ice.

  55. kosso says:

    coooooome ooooooooooooon! ;)and the winner is…………….??the suspension is killing us. ;)So, what’ll it be? Awards for the potatoshop pix, and anotheeeerrr. suuuuuper seperate category for outstanding use of Flash, XML and PHP? 😉 eh? eh? eh?;)

  56. Jen deHaan says:

    I know I’m late, but what the hell:http://www.flash-mx.com/images/mesh_drk3.jpgThe squirrel serves no purpose.

  57. Francesca says:

    Sorry Paul…

  58. Andrew says:

    Who are the freaking winners…LOL…come on, you’re killing us….

  59. AJ Infinity says:

    g.wygonik and msaleh, your’s were hilarious!!!

  60. Terry says:

    You all have the greatest imaginations! Do more of these.

  61. zeinab says:

    pleaz download macromedia flash mx.com in my email

  62. You really don’t know the power!

  63. Chris F. says:

    Hi,Is there a Flashprogramer thatwouldlike to make a game with myCartoon Characters………?

  64. Terry says:

    On April 28 you closed the contest, yet it still appears in the Daily Flash Email. Are you done yet or can folks still enter? Who are the winners if you are done?

  65. jenny says:

    great stuff supunet! attention here’s the winner! (mike you have to extend the deadline for this one!!);

  66. Anonymous says:


  67. Rowland says:

    sign my guestbook 🙂

  68. Rowland says:

    sign my guestbook 🙂

  69. Rowland says:

    sign my guestbook 🙂

  70. Rowland says:

    sorry didnt mean to spam internet here is slow sorry…

  71. faisal says:

    give me the some flash files.

  72. taldos says:

    here is my take on this. Enjoy.http://www.okoto.net/GandE.jpg

  73. ferush says:

    interesting spoofs here

  74. John says:

    I wanna only say that your site is really helpful.

  75. Corrina says:

    Erm….ok…….this is very random! And kinda weird…..no…amazingly weird. I like rusty spoons!

  76. iko guy says: