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MXNA Updated : Item Ranking

Just a quick note that we have done a mini update to the Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA). The main change is that we have added a ranking system, which ranks items in relative to other items in the same category over the past 24 hours.

Basically, the stars represent the number of clicks an item has received relative to other items in the same category over the past 24 hours. This allows you to quickly see what the most popular items have been over the last 24 hours.

You can view the FAQ section on the ranking here.

You can visit MXNA here.

Creating MXP Files

If you need to create MXP files to easily distribute your components and extensions, we have a document on the MXI file format (which is used to create MXP files).

You can find the document here.

Integrating Flash with C# Applications

Does anyone have any experience with integrating Flash applications / content within C# based windows applications?

If so, what was your experience like? How hard was it to get started?

Post your comments in the comments section.

Macromedia Central Forum has moved

The Macromedia Central Forum has moved. The new location is:



This was done do to the number of people who were confused about the purpose of the forum (thinking it was a central place to bring all issues / questions).

More Flexible Code hinting in Flash IDE

Daniel Dura has just posted a great tip on how to get code hinting to work within the Flash IDE without having to use suffixes or prefixes on your variable names. It involves declaring the variable type in the comments before the variable.

Update : Greg Burch just told me that the hinting will be global, and not scoped to the specific variable. Just something to watch out for.

You can read the tip at Daniel’s site.

[via danieldura]

Macromedia XML / RSS News Aggregator (MXNA)

As some of you have noticed, we have launched an XML / RSS news aggregator. The site aggregates RSS and other feeds from sites which might be useful / interesting to developers and designers who use Macromedia products.

We have created a comprehensive FAQ which has information on the aggregator, how to integrate your feed / weblog with MXNA, and how the elements of the aggregator work.

Some of the features of MXNA include:

  • Ability to Search all archived items.
  • View posted dates in your local time.
  • Easily email items to friends.
  • Quickly view and find similar sites on Google.
  • Complete support for the Blogger Ping API.
  • Record Paging.
  • Ability to filter feeds.
  • Ability to filter non RSS / XML feeds.
  • Currently over 140 feeds.
  • and more…

Note, when linking to the aggregator, please use this URL:

(you can also find a button to add to your site here).

You can view a comprehensive FAQ about the aggregator here.

The aggregator is based on Geoff Bowers’ awesome fullasgoog code. The base code is available on the Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) volume 3.

If you have any suggestions for the aggregator, such as new features or feeds, please send them to

New Tech Note : ColdFusion MX: How to pass login credentials to cflogin via Flash Remoting

We have posted a new tech note which describes how to pass login credentials from Flash to ColdFusion via Flash Remoting. Here is the description from the technote:

This TechNote describes how to use Flash Remoting with ColdFusion’s built-in authentication mechanism and ColdFusion components. It shows how to use the ActionScript setCredentials method on the Flash side to pass credential information to the cflogin tag on the ColdFusion side.

You can read the entire technote here.

[via mxna]

Introducing Macromedia ondemand

We just launched a new section of our website titled ondemand. The section features demos and seminars geared toward users evaluating our products. These are useful for quickly learning about products that you may not be as familiar with, or to learn some new functionality in products that you use every day.

I am really excited about these seminar, as I think they have enormous potential for making the learning curve for learning new tools and software much shorter.

You can view the site here.

You can view a list of all seminars and modules here.

New StrongBad Email

Well, it is the first day after a long holiday (in the US), and if you are like me, it is hard getting back into the flow of things. So, check out the new StrongBad email. It won’t help you get back into the flow, but at least it will be an entertaining 3 minutes of procrastination.

You can view the latest email here.

You can view all StrongBad emails here.

How to request a feature or report a bug

If you would like to request that a feature be added to one of our products or players, or would like to report a bug, then you can use the:

Software Feature Request and Bug Report Form

The go url makes it pretty simple to remember.