How to request a feature or report a bug

If you would like to request that a feature be added to one of our products or players, or would like to report a bug, then you can use the:

Software Feature Request and Bug Report Form

The go url makes it pretty simple to remember.

3 Responses to How to request a feature or report a bug

  1. Vinny Timmermans says:

    What about a datepicker component (easy, compact and valid dataentry of dates on a Flash form). Lots of demand for this one already, but never released. What about DevNet resource Kit 4 😉

  2. Nik Khilnani says:

    sent a list of stuff i think would help teams…thanksnik

  3. Leif Wells says:

    Why is it that you get an automated e-mail response with some feature requests (DRK requests, for instance), but not with others (Flash requests, for instance)?I just like knowing that all the times I’ve made suggestions over the last few months I have been heard.Leif