Macromedia XML / RSS News Aggregator (MXNA)

As some of you have noticed, we have launched an XML / RSS news aggregator. The site aggregates RSS and other feeds from sites which might be useful / interesting to developers and designers who use Macromedia products.

We have created a comprehensive FAQ which has information on the aggregator, how to integrate your feed / weblog with MXNA, and how the elements of the aggregator work.

Some of the features of MXNA include:

  • Ability to Search all archived items.
  • View posted dates in your local time.
  • Easily email items to friends.
  • Quickly view and find similar sites on Google.
  • Complete support for the Blogger Ping API.
  • Record Paging.
  • Ability to filter feeds.
  • Ability to filter non RSS / XML feeds.
  • Currently over 140 feeds.
  • and more…

Note, when linking to the aggregator, please use this URL:

(you can also find a button to add to your site here).

You can view a comprehensive FAQ about the aggregator here.

The aggregator is based on Geoff Bowers’ awesome fullasgoog code. The base code is available on the Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) volume 3.

If you have any suggestions for the aggregator, such as new features or feeds, please send them to

6 Responses to Macromedia XML / RSS News Aggregator (MXNA)

  1. In the FAQ, the answer to the last question is missing:Why is it not on

  2. lincoln says:

    as an aside: mike, you’ve got amazing taste in music!

  3. Todd says:

    Scott, I believe Mike said that they do have plans to move this onto the macromedia domain eventually.

  4. mike chambers says:
  5. Scott says:

    Oh, okay. Sounds good.

  6. Loz says:

    Does anyone know if it would be feasable to write a feedreader in ActionScript?