New Flash Content at

We have released some new Flash content and resources at the Macromedia DevNet Center. This release has a couple of articles on the Data Connection Kit and the new Flash Detection Kit.

As usual, you can view a complete list of the new articles at MXNA.

2 Responses to New Flash Content at

  1. nigel says:

    This is a shameful request for you to have a look at this extension. could make this extension MX compatable but I would have to scarifice the text colour (tint) and fading (alpha).At the moment I’m exploring how flash can be made more accessible to the common user, their by cutting costs. In essence letting users develop flash content without flash. The beauty of dreamweaver is that you can create flash buttons and flash text, but you could do so much more. While I never used generator for any clients it is a fantasic tool for the dreamweaver extension developer. Therefore could you please release a update for MX that supports all pervious generator objects. Or at least bring back support for objects in Dreamweaver 4.For me flash is about small files and exciting content. Dreamweaver could provide all this and more.

  2. david doull says:

    not really sure where to place this comment,but I think the new flash detection kit is flawed. The meta refresh after 3 seconds is that many modem users will be told they dont have the correct plugin even if they have the flash 6 plugin.This is another case of macromedia forgetting that many users still have slow connections.