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Couple of new Flash Articles at DevNet Center

The DevNet Center has a had a mini update with a couple of new Flash articles.

They are:

You can visit the Macromedia DevNet Center here.

Btw, you can keep up with the latest DevNet content at the MXNA Macromedia Category.

Memorial Day in United States

Just a quick FYI. Today is a holiday in the US, and Macromedia offices are closed.

Also, sorry for the lack of updates last week. I have been working on a couple of projects which have taken up a lot of my time. More details very soon… : A Study in Flash Form Submission

Colin Moock has written an article on creating forms using Flash MX, and having them be submitted when the user presses the enter key.

You can read the entire article here.

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Studio MX Promotion

Just a quick FYI. We are currently running a promotion where if you buy Studio MX, you get $100 off. This applies to the full and upgrade versions.

It might be a good way to pick up Studio MX, and then use it to upgrade to a DevNet Pro Subscription.

The discount will show up when you add Studio to your shopping cart.

New Flash Content at

We have released some new Flash content and resources at the Macromedia DevNet Center. This release has a couple of articles on the Data Connection Kit and the new Flash Detection Kit.

As usual, you can view a complete list of the new articles at MXNA.

Desktop Activity Monitor

Marcos Weskamp has put together a very cool application that monitors and reports on which tools / software he is using on his computer. It uses Flash MX, Screenweaver and Flash Communication server.

He then has a Flash movie on his website which keeps track of the results. Really cool stuff.

You can find more information here.

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Coding Techniques

I was just poking around the Microsoft site looking for information on Visual Studio .NET and came across this article on Coding Techniques. Although some sections are specific to working with Microsoft technologies, there is some good information on such things as code naming, commenting and formatting.

You can view the article here.

How do you work with Developers / Designers

When I am doing application development with Flash the work-flow usually consists of:

  • I spec out the app (with input from the design)
  • I develop the app.
  • Once the app is functioning, I pass it on to the designer to complete the UI and look and feel.
  • I make minor bug fixes and changes, but usually no UI changes

What is your work flow like? As a developer, when do you pass the work to the designer? Or if you are a designer, when do you start to work on the project?

New Drawing Article from Helen Triolo

Helen Triolo has created another article on creating advanced drawings using SVG. This one is pretty nice as it actually draws the content out for you, and also discusses some advanced drawing / rendering strategies.

You can view the entire article here.

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How do you Architect your Flash Applications?

I have once again been doing a lot of application development with Flash, and have begun to create some more advanced apps / functionality. Previously, I would follow a few simple rules to organize my applications:

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