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New version of Flash Detection Kit

We have released a new version of the Flash Detection Kit. Among other things, this kit contains Flash only detection code.

You can find more information, as well as download the kit here.

Flash Content Development Kit (CDK) for DoCoMo is available

The Flash Content Development Kit for the NTT DoCoMo 505i series phone is now available from the DevNet Mobile Development Center. The kit has information on developing and publishing content for the NTT DoCoMo 505i series mobile phones.

The kit also includes an update to Flash MX that allows you to review, publish and test new Macromedia Flash Lite content for DoCoMo -mode phones.

You can find more information on download the kit here.

The Edge : DRK : The Secret of Developing Components

The new EDGE newsletter is out and among other things has an article about the DevNet Resource Kits (DRK), and the development process and steps behind the components on the DRK.

You can read the article here.

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Sean Neville (Macromedia) on Rich Internet Applications

There is an interview with Sean Neville from Macromedia on the In it, Sean discusses Rich Internet Applications, and how they fit in architeturally with client / server development. You can view the interview via video, or read the transcript

You can can read and view the interview here.

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Out of Office

Just a quick FYI, I will be taking a couple of days off (Friday and Monday), so it might take me a little longer than normal for me to respond to any emails.

Conversation with Jeremy Allaire

meet the makers has posted a very thorough interview with Jeremy Allaire. In it, Jeremy discusses the history of ColdFusion, his thoughts on technology and what he is doing now. Jeremy also mentions that he is a “happy user” of the Macromedia XML News Aggregator.

You can read the entire interview / article here.

New Forums at

We have created two new forums at

Flash Data Integration : Discuss the Data Connection Kit and Flash / Data Integration.

Macromedia Central : Discuss Macromedia Central.

These are great resources for finding out more information about these new technologies.

Flash UI Component Set 5 Documentation on-line

Just a quick reminder that the HTML documentation for the Flash UI Component set 5 from DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 is available on-line.

Flash UI Component Set 5 includes the following components:

  • Accordion Pane
  • Week View
  • Tab View
  • Slider
  • TextField

The complete documentation includes:

  • Reference Panel Documentation
  • HTML documentation
  • PDF Documentation
  • 66 Sample Files, demonstrating virtually every API

You can view the documentation here.

You can find more info about DRK 3 here.

Adding SHIFT / CTRL Click support to links in Flash

One of the requests that I got for the Google search application that Josh Dura and I have been working on, is to give the user the option to open links in a new window. This makes sense, since if you leave the page, the Flash application looses its state. Well, I added an option in the settings panel to always open links in a new window, but I decided to also add support for SHIFT or CTRL clicking a link to open it in a new window (since a lot of people do this out of habit now.)

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Updated Flash Google Application

I have made some updates and changes to the GoogleSearch application that Josh Dura and I have been working on. Thanks for all of the feedback thus far.

Here is a list of changes / updates:

  • Search
    • Enter Key support for submitting search
    • Clear Results
    • Results Title displays query and search time (for google)
    • Better formatting for results
    • Added Description to results
    • Added Category to results
    • Added Cached data link to results
    • Added ability to search for similar items within results
  • Settings
    • Save settings
    • Restore Settings to Default
    • Added setting to always open links in new window
  • General
    • Added SHIFT-click and CTRL-click support to open links in new window
    • Improved tab support (still a few bugs)
    • Tweaked the architecture
    • General bug fixes

You can view the application here.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests, post them in the comments.