Describe your dream ActionScript Editor

What is your dream ActionScript editor? What features would it have? Do you use Flash’s ActionScript editor or an external one? If you use an external one, which one do you use and why?

Post your replies in the comments section. Make sure to post URLs to the editors if you have them so everyone can check them out.

77 Responses to Describe your dream ActionScript Editor

  1. Leif Wells says:

    Feature Request: the ability to select several lines of code and with one button comment those lines (even if the lines are already commented). This is a feature that Director’s script editor has and I’d love to see it in Flash. You could even have a preference to use “//” on each line or just surround the block with “/*” and “*/” (and convert any block comments already in the block).

  2. shin says:

    I still love HomeSite and think that’s the still best one.

  3. Moisés says:

    I use a lot Scite|Flash and the in-built AS editor. One thing I miss are the collapsing feature of SciteFlash.

  4. Daniel Dura says:

    Currently I use the Eclipse projects editor, while also using flush to compile .fla files.1. CVS Integration2. Ability to easy add JavaDoc style comments3. Ability to parse JavaDoc comments into XML for component packaging4. More extensive implementation of the ‘on-the-fly’ variable definition for auto complete as posted in my blog the other day.5. Collapsable Outlining6. auto-complete variable names7. Ability to browse and edit .as files8. Ability to quickly jump to other code in other .as files, using tabs, etc.9. If it is external to the Flash IDE, I think it should have better debugging capabilities and also ability to compile .fla files and run the compiled .swf.

  5. Cody says:

    I’ve been using Dreamweaver a lot, I really like the code hinting which I dont seem to get with Homesite and Scite|Flash. The biggest reason I use an External editor is speed, I find it faster to flip between Dreamweaver and Flash, than to open the actions panel continuously.I just wish I could get the reference panel there as well.

  6. Bob Clagett says:

    definitely the collapsible feature in Sci|te.. also, I’ve always thought it’d be awesome to havea dynamic jumplist with all user defined functions in it, so you could hop directly to a function.

  7. bokel says:

    Some features- programmable (maybe by actionscript ?)- an eclipse editor plugin /maybe with source ?)- regular expression search and replace for open files and diskfiles- automatic error jumping, say you click on an error in the compiler output and the editor jumps to the corresponding file and place- multiple files/tabbed interface- browsing of classes (regardless of files)- programmable templates, eg fill in some names and a complete class is created.I’m currently using and ultraedit

  8. SciteFlash…. Collapsible function…. Also it would be nice to have the capability to manage extranal scripts from flash (somekind of folder view / project manager)…. and I dont like the way the Flash AS editor disapears when flash looses focus….But think all this is been mentioned….

  9. I use a lot DWMX, love the file view, tagging through opened files, ftping stuff right out from there.If mm heads to full integration in all MX products, It’ll be pretty cool if1-I could burn the currently active .fla in flash straight out from DWMX2-AS droplets! – something like the current JS ones3-AS Reference Panel, cant live without it – why do we have it in Flash but not in Dreamweaver?!4-Read my include library and bring me a tree view of all classes inside all my .as files5- expand/collapse Classes/code snippets6- tight gModeler integration;)7- auto generate html docs8- speech recognition; I want to dictate my code.slightly OT:some awkward behaviour though in current DWMX release/stuff that should be improved:1- Every time I click open a .fla, it spawns a new instance of Flash2-Every time I FTP anything it brings my CPU to it’s knees, bringing the whole system almost to a stop until it finishes doing it stuff, no matter if you have a slow or supercharged machine:P

  10. oh, right: ability to hide/show comments. Sometimes its easier to figure out the code by just “reading” it rather than going through the comments, and in that case comments become visual noise

  11. i usually start my projects using the internal IDE editor. after some time, when code grows, the internal editor is getting unhandy and i may want to split my code into include .as files. them i edit with Scite|Flash. small, fast, good, free.

  12. A simple one:Let Dreamweaver parse Codehints and Reference XML used in Flash to do color coding and show the Flash Reference in DW Reference panel. This will help a lot.By the way, i agree with Claus, i start the proyects in Flash AS Editor but when the code grows i export it to as files and then use Scite|Flash.

  13. Mike Johnson says:

    I typically use EditPlus or Code Genie for external editing.Code collapsing, block commenting, code hinting for user defined functions, code templates (like homesite) for custom blocks of code you use all the time.Also, better auto-complete. I like in .NET how I can hit ctrl-space and have it complete what I’m typing if there’s only 1 match, or popup a list of matches. It’s nice that it also places scoped variables and user-defined functions in the listing for auto-complete.It would also be really nice for the next version of Flash to have the option for more of a development environment like .NET for those of us who are code-monkeys (maybe even a tabbed multi-document setup where a tab could either be a UI or code element).Links:

  14. Nik Khilnani says:

    would like to have :file versioninginbuilt commenting/doc engine. eg add comments & IDE spits out the docs/xml needed.addons/plugins so we can extend the IDE’s functionality.command line access to Flash compilerbatch compilinggif shifting bug fiximporting photoshop PSDsundo/redo history (like IE)code hinting without prefixescode formating/completing/i use Scite but would like to use visual studio so i can shift between the c# code, as code easily and integrate with vss like a dream. VS loads faster than dreamweaver and handles read only access file better (sometimes when u try to save to a read only file and pick overwrite, the old file is deleted. this is before u save the new one)i guess thats a long list..thanks for asking tho…nik

  15. Hans Omli says:

    Used Dreamweaver for awhile, but it seems to be a bit too heavy for my tastes. I switch between several editors for now, but will use most likely standardize on the first one to add an integrated Flash compiler that will allow me to avoid the Flash IDE altogether. 🙂

  16. Nik Khilnani says:

    yea and some stuff like regions/callapsable regions, macros or actions like in photoshop.i definitely see half of the features going into the Flash IDE & other half into dreamweaver. if so, tighter integration between the two, example when installing a component , put the syntax highlting xml in both without the need to specify in the mxp. sync up the two apps more. one idea would be that if u set ure as editor as dreamweaver in flash, u open a small instance of dreamweaver inside flash when u right click and view actions in flash…. it replaces flash’s editor with general im a big visual studio fan so.. yknow…nik

  17. BBEDIT of course!But, with a ‘send to flash’ option maybe?

  18. Todd says:

    A script Library! Similar to what Dreamweavaer MX offers. Plus better information on what type of suffix triggers a code hint built into the editor documentation, instead of hunting the internet for examples.

  19. andy makely says:

    My current AS editor of choice is Visual SlickEdit 7.http://www.slickedit.comI set it up to interpret Actionscript as Javascript, so it color codes pretty well. Granted, it doesn’t offer Flash-specific code hints, but I don’t use them much anyway.I like the way SlickEdit organizes your variables and functions in a left panel listing. It also has great features for jumping to the definition of a particular mathod just by right-clicking on any appearance of the method name anywhere in the code. It also supports expanding/collapsing code views, to make long scripts easier to wade through.The ability to run a visual DIFF on 2 files has also been very helpful.All in all, I would think that it would be more beneficial for MM to work with 3rd party partners such as SlickEdit and many of the other editor software companies, rather than try to build their own code editor to include as part of Flash. It would allow the user to pick a particular toolset, but give them the ability to plug-in a MM-certified parser for color-coding and syntax hints.If MM did choose to build a full-featured code editor into Flash, it should also be able to open and manipulate XML files, since these files are being used more and more by Flash application developers. The more XML/Flash integration tools you could offer, the faster new users could leverage the power of XML in their projects.

  20. – collapsable functions and comments- custom code boilerplate/templates- browse and edit .as files- tabs for browsing multiple files- “function list and decent printing capabilities”, as mentioned by Cortlandt Winters- a way to view a function and it’s comments, without leaving the call on the function.- version control

  21. AS editor of choice is UltraEdit makes it such a great editor is:1. Lean application requires little resources2. Stable3. Built in FTP client4. Syntax highlighting5. Powerful search / backup abilities6. Ability to categorize scripts into projects (opens all and closes all).It’s almost crucial on a large project to use an IDE like Ultra edit in conjunction with a SourceSafe system to manage AS

  22. Tom Coleman says:

    I like UltraEdit too.If Homesite were as integrated with Flash as it is in Dreamweaver, I’d probably use it instead. (hint, hint!)Thanks for asking!Tom

  23. Jonas Galvez says:

    I’d like to see the editor become a “full window” of the Flash IDE. Dragging the Actions panel everywhere can be annoying. Also, tabs. The ability to edit multiple FLAs and ActionScript files in the same window, and navigate using tabs.

  24. Mike Britton says:

    Put all of the above into Dreamweaver and rename it “HomeSite”.

  25. Mustafa Basgun says:

    – Ability for splitting the code into include .as files- Collapsability and tabbed interface for multiple files- Better interface for development environment

  26. Constantin Zagorskis says:

    -automatic error jumping-xml editor-ability to remove menu on right click-ability to update documentation-*.as files aditor-test if file is reachable-openGL library use from action script

  27. Duncan says:

    1. Multi-line commenting (ala director)2. cntrl + click jump to function (ala director)

  28. John Giotta says:

    1) I like the Multi Line Commenting Idea… that’s a good one.2) Collapsable Bracket Blocks (like in Scite|Flash)3)Auto-complete variables; there are a lot of times I’ll stop on a project then start back-up and have forgotten my defined names.4)Editable API. For adding Classes and their properties, methods, etc.5) Output to Styled HTML documents.6) Capable of reading defined varaibles, methods, etc. from included AS files.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I perfer jEdit or Scite|Flash. Why because they are FREE.

  30. _codedone says:

    ———————————————–UltraEdit is a great program.Plugins would be helpful.(With plugin editor included)Possibly similar to HTML-Kit.* Though the best AS editorwould be the same editor usedwithin flash (and it can beused with or withoutthe main Flash shell).It has to compile!_codedone———————————————–

  31. Mike, I’d love to be able to have something parse my AS and come back with something in the style of the self documentation that a CFMX .cfc does when you browse to it directly. A listing of all the methods/functions within the code that could be used in a code review or handed to another member of the team.BTW Isn’t it funny how often these “what is your dream…” questions seem to end up in a product – keep up the good work Mike, it’s good to see a software company want to listen to it’s users.

  32. Joshua Burkholder says:

    1) XML style code commenting … like in C Sharp.2) the ability to insert embedded swfs (or flas) into the code comments … that way you can SEE the data structures or algorithms that your comments describe.and3) the ability to define regions of code that comments belong to . . . so that if you try to change something within a certain region of code, then some dialog box (or whatever) will ask you to update your comments as well (or bring your comment up for revision).

  33. John Cowen says:

    Some kind of “Edit Include file in external editor” button, would be my wish…Configurable so that you could use whatever text editor you wanted to edit .as filesI don’t think people are ever going to stop using external editors to edit actionscript code, so instead of trying to compete with these editors, make it easier for them to be used along side Flash…Flush was a dream come true, external editor to Flash now we need Flash to external editor

  34. Ron Selling says:

    – Search(&replace) in multiple frames/movieclips- While entering parameters for a function always show the code hint and give an onve click option to the functrion-reference. Inline?- Also give code hints for usermade functions, inline?- As-u-type function completion(‘dup’ > duplicateMovieClip)- Customizable ‘auto format’- Code shortcuts like HomeSite- Color code highlight for opening/closing brackets and quotes- Inline target pulldownAnd the other issued mentioned before especially maintaining thinks like quick&easy browsing to the right part of my code.hang on!

  35. jerome says:

    1) collapsable functions and comments2) remember the position of the srcoll when re-focus on the frame of code3) add personal prototype function in one clic from a library4) Search and replace like DW ( select code is impossible when the window is open )

  36. Anonymous says:

    global find and replaceable to use regular expressions for code replacing

  37. Patrick Whittingham says:

    1.) Have several modes (GUI, handcoded) – Dreamweaver.2.) Have color coded objects/methods/properties. – Homesite.3.) Have collapsable #include statement – Homesite.4.) Be able to view mutliple #includes in same and/or different windows.5.) Have code hints – Homesite.6.) Look at some good javascript editors, since both come from ECMA7.) Have wizards to create objects/methods/properties and function for the novice.8.) Verify Actionscript code ability – I hate it when I spell an object incorrectly. At least, give warnings. (a setup preference).9.) UML Modeling between code and objects on the stage.

  38. Beat says:

    I use and love Scite|Flash.Small, handy, fast, flush.Code folding for functions is the main reason I use this editor, it makes coding so much easier.What I´m missing in Scite|Flash is code hinting and a fast way to display the reference for a certain command. Otherwise it would be perfect.And by the way: The “Functions List” in UltraEdit is way cool. Would love to see something like this in Scite|Flash AND the built in Flash AS Editor!

  39. adamh says:

    * A functions pop-up ala Director or bbedit/codewarrior* Search and replace across multiple actions* Scroll wheel support on Mac. duuhhh

  40. sean morrow says:

    How about “true” auto-indentation like director…every time you hit return the code indents – a lot easier to keep your code tidy and gives some clue as to proper syntax as well…

  41. Phillip R. Cargo says:

    It already been said, and its really outside the scope of an editor, and more within the scope of an IDE, but a good Compiler!!!!The current IDE only allows you to compile things one @ a time. And the things people have written to script out the compile still rely on the Flash.exe which crashes ….Large projects have a large number of files, if I need to recompile the whole of the project I need something reliable, as in I don’t have to baby sit it for 3 hours.

  42. Buxton says:

    I use Ultra Edit, its quick, i can have multiple scripts open in tabbed windows. The regex find and replace rox, it has code highlighting too.its not fancy just quick, and does what it says on teh tin. also with a built in FTP client which is a great help for quick compiling of fls and then posting with new scripts.I also use DWMX on larger projects or collaberative work.What any action script editor needs is some system for versioning of scripts. I hate the fact that if i change the script in an external editor and use a new file name for versioning then i have to update the link in teh .fla. Not only that if im using DWMX it mockinly asks if it can help me out and update links to the file. IF ONLY IT WOULD DO THAT!!!

  43. Mike says:

    I like using an external editor (Scite|Flash). The Flash interface is already very crowded and having a full text editor is adding to much. I would like the ability to set up Flash to launch my external editor of choice rather than the actionscript editor. So F9 would launch my external editor rather than the Actionscript window.

  44. -the ability to comment-out #include lines

  45. Chris Van Dyke says:

    Features I want:Code CollapseCode Explorer tree- Like movie tree but just shows code areasmultipe pinned pages- Allow me to pin the code window to several pages and have each page available through a tab on the bottom of the pageBetter code hinting- Everytime I put _mc I think I am calling out a rapperClass Viewer- Have the IDE pick up classes and show them in a tree structure so we can see the props and methods

  46. How about a add-in for VS.NET, that way we get all the nice things in VS (intellisense, debugging etc) but for AS.Andrew

  47. Here is what I would actually find useful:- Support for browsing and editing multiple AS files.- Collapsible code and hide/show comments.- Full screen mode or additional window.- Ability to jump between code sections (some sort of anchoring).- Classes and custom objects library.- Version control.

  48. Jacob Hanson says:

    ‘Lo,Also an Ultraedit user…Kick ass Flash editor:-ability to quickly comment/uncomment a block (either /* or //, by preference or separate command)-I love (LOVE) MX’s Escape-key-key shortcuts. I’d like to see this fleshed out.-I hate (HATE) the editor hiding when Flash loses focus.-Global/multi movieclip search and replace-Function/method/class anchoring of some sort (VB’s dropdown works pretty good) to quickly jump to different scripts-Integrated autodoc system (e.g. javadoc)-Ability to lock those damned collapsible bars-Ability to jump to editing included files from ‘includer’ scripts (tabs to switch between open files?)

  49. Mike Hazard says:

    Ability to print code – with all highlighting displayed in hardcopy.

  50. I use both UltraEdit, EmEditor3 and LEO externally..[check them out :-)]Please add these features to FLash internally:1. LINK to edit #include file in external editor2. FTP and SSH upload Built-in3. MAKE IT FASTER !!If is dogged slow. don’t know why.4. Add Maximize button to those damn palettes so we can focus on what we are donig instead dragging and clicking all the time.5. Enable standard Alt+TAB toggle between script editor and the rest.6. XML SMARTS. EmEditor does a really nice job. the XML to add smarter comment levels with timestamping, Jabber integration, code folding, versioning and literate progarmming like LEO7. FOLDING scintilla style8. FUNCTION LIST pane like UltraEdit9. Color-printing10. Auto-documentation – export docs as HTML, SWF, PDF and XML11. Programmable PoPup prompts .NET style12. Tabbed windows and split views [UltraEdit]12. JABBER built-in for shared coding and project discussion using Sean Voisen’s XIFF13. Flash Leo integration – Editing Interface Leo-style but done in Flash so it can be used for both authoring and run-timeThank youJason

  51. john says:

    I usually use the internal editor, but it’s bbedit all the way when it gets bigger, or if I just want an #include file for future use.I’ll be “seconding” a few items here I’m sure, this list is huge!1. In Director, when you switch scripts, it puts your cursor at the last place at which you left it. That’s cool.2. Multiple windows. I like to have one or 2 scripts open either for comparison or for moving stuff from one to the other. It’s much easier if I can put them side by side.3. Right-click a selected word, and an option is “reference”. This looks up the word for you in the reference panel. (I’m on a mac, but have a wacom mouse. Not sure if this is already an option in flash. )4. Speaking of above mouse… dude… I can’t get my scrollwheel to work in the internal editor. It works in other MM apps but not in flash at all.5. Hiding when closed. Make this an option maybe? Right now it hides everything but the stage. Maybe hide all but the last window used?6. Multi-line comments in one click. Again, look at how Director does it.7. grab that “jump to handler” combo-box (ahem.. director)8. Give me checkboxes and buttons in the preferences panel to enable/disable everything mentioned/possible :)Thanks!John

  52. peter says:

    I second the JEdit comment. Many of the suggestions exist in JEdit or could be easily added as a plugin. It has a nice collection of plugins like JDiff.

  53. aral says:

    PrimalCode by Sapien – (intellisense for AS / JScript) – nothing else has that.

  54. mike chambers says:

    Aral,I just download PrimalCode and am checking it out. It is pretty nice, but how do you get intellisense to work?mike

  55. Color picker i.e. after i type _txt.backgroundColor a color picker will popup. I will have the option to enter in the #xxxxxx as usual or just pick a color and the hexadecimal is automatically generated.

  56. zoomfreddy says:

    i use BBedit to do all #include for larger files.First one improvement:You need some small pices of repeating code inside flash IDE itself(more when you are on advanced mode editing)to avoid typing same stuff again and again(code that you can’t recall with”esc+some characters”, so…a code library window where you can drag&drop to/from AS editor windows any snipets of code, it cut be nice to have the ability to attach “esc+n characters” to recall this snipets when needed.The second one(for the Mac version):The ability to attach the AS editor to the main window(as on windows version), and, the hability to switch from stage window to AS editor and viseversa with a keystroke comb…i hate to move windows around to see stuff.Another one:The chance to choose what components to load at startup…when you have a lot of them installed, it takes a life to finish the startup of flash app(for the parsing of xml help/reference files i guess).Some more:The chance to choose the language of the reference panel window when installing flash app, as the best code examples available over the web are mostly made in english, it is helpful to have the interfase in english, but when you are looking for something on the reference panel, the native language of the user may be better to understand concepts explaining the usage of code.

  57. Gray says:

    I use SciTE|Flash and the internal editor. About to have a look at Eclipse (which will probably become my Java IDE of choice).Improvements to the Actionscript editor:-1) Multiple code windows open at once2) Search for text strings across entire Flash movie and if possible through included .as files, instead of just the current code window

  58. Volodya says:

    ONLY iNTERNAL AS EDITOR.1) I like the Multi Line Commenting Idea. 2) Collapsable Bracket Blocks (like in Scite|Flash)3) Color picker i.e. after i type _txt.backgroundColor a color picker will popup

  59. Peter says:

    I’ve read a lot of very very, very, good, and useful requested features. My favourites are: collapsable methods/functions, methods/functions dropdown list such as BBEdit is using, multiline commenting, multiple code windows, enhanced search (in whole Flash movie) and CVS/database integration for managing/storing code.What I would like to see as a dream is a perfect integration between Flash and *any* favourite external texteditor (or project development environment). Using whatever editor should be transparent for me.I’ll imagine to open Flash, open action panel and then start typing in my own selected textenvironment including code hints, dropdown method/funtions list, getting help/reference about any Flash keywords, collapsible methods/functions, and so on. Compile errors will be shown in a panel, but one click on the errorline will take me to the offending line including hints for solving it, such as examples or descriptions from the References.Prior to enhancements in features of a Flash Actionscript editor, I’ll like to see a kind of workflow in the complete Flash environment, which should support me with the development cycle (compiling, deploying, testing/debugging, documenting, CVS integration, publishing on target website, and so on). Scenario’s – builtin or configured by me, should more or less automate the generation of a Flash movie including client/server development and deployment.Maybe the ideas will remain a dream, but you ask for it… 🙂

  60. Petyo Ivanov says:

    I need a “project like” editor which will get aware of all the classes defined in the files of this project.(Visual studio with a c# project – you get all your classes in the intellisence). Autocomplete is a must for user defined functions. and for classes also (a tricky part – how will the parser recognize the function from the class?).to be able to collapse the code/functions/classes. Also (as mentioned above) a way to document your code (XML style, or some other way – but the XML way in .NET is great!).But maybe the most important is a project organizer aware ot the “project level” classes. And not to forget – highly customizable and able to publish swf from the IDE. (ahh, if not possible I will set up the flush somewhere).Well, this sounds a little like a letter to santa to me 😉

  61. LEO is project-oriented editor which can embed comments and is 100% XML-based.Written in python it can handle any language and combine multiple coding elements of any project with documentation, notes , tests etc.Unique brillant end eveolving fast. Written in Python. opensource, cross platform.

  62. mike lyda says:

    >> -I hate (HATE) the editor hiding when Flash loses focus.amen to this.. I can’t stand it when I switch from Flash to another application and *poof* the Actions window is gone. I use 3 monitors, and it would be SO nice if I could have the Actions panel still up on one monitor while working in a different app on another monitor.And I know this isn’t the topic.. but how come “watch lists” in the debugger can’t be saved? It looks like I have to go in and set them up each time I open the app and debug!?!

  63. krmkrm says:

    Ho – Ho – Homesite!

  64. Woodie says:

    I have used a few expensive heavy duty editors. (multi-edit,codewright,etc.) However, I now lean towards lighter editors. Like textpad & jcreate LE.I use Java a lot, and so I like the free “JCreator LE” Editor. I also name all my actionscript files because when I want to print out code I use “CodeWright32” editor because it has the best printing features and if it thinks it is printing java it highlights all function names etc.. (huge readability difference)Also I am just about to go and try this “flush” program. The idea to cut out the flash ide for something light and faster is very appealing.The perfect editor lets you flip between multiple files quick and easy, and prints very nicely highlighting all methods and properties, and allows for temp font size changing for print adjusting. Customizable auto text formatting. One button to compile and run. Debugger would be good too. And press F1 to “quickly” lookup a highlighted command.

  65. George says:

    I know it is not ActionScript editor related, but it is about time that the Flash Plug-in has Auto update, similar to the director one. This way MM can put out a player as often as is required and as developers we know we can work to the latest version.

  66. Robert Walch says:

    I use the built-in editor in combination with the Movie Explorer. As a work-around I have to include attached clips from the Library in a guide layer, so that they show up in the Movie Explorer.I would like it if the Library and the Movie Explorer’s features were combined into one panel, so that all of a movie’s assets could be explored or filtered quickly by conent, type etc…I would also like to be able to open multiple script windows and click on a line number to set/remove breakpoints in Flash.

  67. Ben says:

    Well it’s a pretty easy question… If you make it support the same functionality for AS2.0 that Visual Studio has for writing .Net… you’ll have an absolute winner.Se|Py Editor is coming a great length towards that, but not yet far enough.

  68. fahad says:

    can any body tell me how can i customized the flash default menu which appears when someone right click on flash movie .i just simply want to customized that ,for instance : if i want to remove the forword option from that so how it will be ……?

  69. Ryan says:

    You you the context menu class and apply it to the root or if you want it just applied to specific moveclips inside the root you can create a context menu to work on just a movieclip.

  70. Dan Dean says:

    I realize that I’m echoing much of what’s been said, but I’d like to say it anyway.It seems to me that Dreamweaver could be EASILY modified by the MM team to integrate better with ActionScript — what’s the point in creating a whole new AS Editor within Flash when you already have one that’s ALMOST there. Here’s how I’d like to see DWMX updated:1) SVN/CVS integration2) Code Folding3) Something like the XCode Intellisense (stupid name) functionality. I like it when the code hints recognize my functions and variables.4) Project Templates — another thing XCode does very well and I wish was in DWMX.

  71. Andy says:

    Eclipse with FDT, what more could you want… Generates classes, packages throught fantastic wizards. Finds ALL the errors in your codes (force yourself to correctly strict type your code) – I’m tempted to correct the mm classes ;).Tracks up through classes to show what methods you are overriding in inherited classes. Full code completion. Shows all base mm classes in your projects (no more searching in c:/documents & settings/user/blah/blah/blah/blah/mx/classes/dohicky)Keeps track of recent edits made and highlights next to scroll bar for easy access.After thinking very highly of dreamweaver after .as file integration and memories from the horrible Flash IDE editor I can happliy say that I am satisfied, for the moment…happy coding!

  72. CJ says:

    Se|Py is the best AS editor out there right now!

  73. Claudio says:

    Macromedia built-in ActionScript editor needs full colored Sintax.Not only, black/blue text

  74. Danni says:

    But is there any AS editor that can open .fla files?I need to do a batch search/replace within all these FLA’s, and recompile them..

  75. David Hicka says:

    Forget Scite and Dreamweaver. SEPY’s the best AS editor out there. I’ve been using it for over three years. I become more and more impressed with it every day. If I were Adobe I would just buy SEPY and make it a part of Flash.