Find the answer to your Flash question

Have a question about Flash or ActionScript? Below are some places you should check before you post the question on forums or mailing lists. Chances are someone has already answered your question.

You can also check out John Dowdell’s article which has some more information on searching for information.

4 Responses to Find the answer to your Flash question

  1. Jonas Galvez says:

    Hey Mike… You forgot about the DevNet Tips Library. It’s a pretty cool resource… =)

  2. amr says:

    i want flash mx exams

  3. charles says:

    im making a flash intro for my new site, and all i want are these fading images. i know how to use flash and i saved my images as AI files version 8.0.but when i import them into flash, it says part of the file is missing and it gives me half of the image?!?!i tried directly pasting it from AI to flash but it does the same thing, i also tried saving it as an EPS but it still only imports half the image, and the image is just a silloute of my body that i traced in AI.what can i do to fix this import problem? i never had this problem before and its killling me.HELPthanks

  4. sadiq says:

    when i want to downlaod a flash ecard and right click on it there is no option to download itwhats the method to downlaod a flash card to my pcthanx