Royale FAQ / info on-line

If you were lucky enough to have been at FlashForward San Francisco, you would have seen a quick sneak peak of a new technology we are working on code-named”Royale” (I posted about it here). Since then, there has been a lot of questions about Royale from developers.

Well, we have just released some more information on our website about Royale. The site contains an FAQ, and also allows you to sign up to be notified when we release more information.

You can view the site here.

You can view the FAQ here.

9 Responses to Royale FAQ / info on-line

  1. David K says:

    O.K. class, repeat after me… “ENTERPRISE”. That’s E-N-T-E-R-P-R-I-S-E. Otherwise known as EXPENSIVE.

  2. Royale

    Macromedia has released a bit of information about Macromedia Royale in the form of an faq. Looks interesting… I hope once things are released I won’t have to do a hosting search again (as I did with FlashComm…

  3. Bob Clagett says:

    The FAQ actually makes it sounds less interesting than what I thought. 🙁

  4. vinnie says:

    yeah, im like… yawn. i might be able to ignore this and keep clockin MX.phew!

  5. vishi says:

    If you are sleepy after reading the FAQ, Robert’s comments on what he thinks Royale is might wake you up.

  6. si says:

    Hey Vishi,The first comment in the blog you link to is very interesting…I wonder if Laszlo will be the next CyberSage? 😉

  7. plasticman says:

    While Flash has been MM’s cash-cow for the last five years, seems to me that they’ve forgotten the earlier developers and they’re using the money to chase these Enterprise clients.In the meantime, Flash still has a million small and irritating bugs that are a constant hassle to ordinary developers, and have often been in the app for at least three or four versions – without any sign of a fix. (Laughably, i recently tried to report a bug using MM’s bug-form – and it gave me an error on ALL my installed browsers).I’d rather see some concentration on the core functionality of Flash FIRST. THEN you can rekindle your ambitions to be the second Micro$haft.

  8. Satori says:

    Roy-Al? What are they going to call it in the US? A Quarter Pounder? 🙂

  9. ericd says:

    laszlo must be on the blocks for acquisition – the presentation server express edition is going to go for $999 – that’s a bit expensive but for what it does, totally acceptable. this thing might canibalize whatever royale ends up being marketed as. i don’t know any details so this is pure conjecture.