Whats in your headphones?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. News has been slow, and I have been swamped (once again) with work (can you say DRK 4?).

Anyways, I have been doing a lot of programing and writing lately, which means that I have had a chance to listen to a lot of music. So, I am curious what the Flash community listens to when they are swamped with work and have Flash open 24/7.

So, what is playing in your headphones (or iPod, or 8-track, etc…). I have been listening to a lot of Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method lately (see bottom right).

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  1. Charlie says:

    Current albums in heavy rotation:1. Liz Phair – Exile in Guyville2. Beatles – Abbey Road3. Velvet Underground – Best Of4. Mozart – Symphonies 40 & 415. Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street6. Van Halen – Fair Warning7. Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream

  2. Brian says:

    Depends on the type of work I’m doing. If I’m doing more design centric code (html/css/whatever) I can listen to lyrics but if I’m writing out logical code (cf/asp/actionscript/whatever) I cannot have any lyrics to distract me so I’ll either listen to jazz, classical or hard core electronica (usually uk/nu breaks). So… drk 4 eh…? 🙂 Tell us more!!!!

  3. Brendan says:

    Winamp is currently popping:Coldplay (all and sundry)Interpol – Turn on the bright lightsThe Eels – ShootenannyMick Thomas and the Sure Thing – (all of their work!)Radiohead (all and sundry)Massive Attack (all but the last album – $30 I won’t get back!)Weddings Parties Anything – (everything! Great for a mental enema! Coding blocks no more!)Brendan

  4. Javier says:

    Moby ( his music is an inspiration for me)Sting ( this guy is incredible)

  5. JesterXL says:

    Matrix Reloaded SoundtrackHybrid Remix of Crystal Method – Track 8 on Community ServiceBT – MadskillzDave Seamen – Deep Dish StyleBasement Jaxx – Red Alert (Club Mix)Paul Oakenfold – Get Em UpLinkin ParkDJ Morgan – VersusDiesal BoyBad Boy Bill – Bangin’ in LondonDJ Dan – That Zipper TrackLudacris – Move BitchAny Essential Mix I can getLil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – Get LowKidney Thieves – Zerospace ( JesterXL Breakout Mix ) [shameless plug]…and any rave/dance/house/breaks I can get my hands on digitally.

  6. mike chambers says:

    >Interpol – Turn on the bright lightsBrendan, what do you think of interpol. I have been hearing a lot about them lately, but havent had a chance to check them out.Btw, since it is late, no more chemical brothers for me. I am listening to Pylon – Hits right now (old school Athens GA).mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  7. Troy says:

    -Stevie Ray vaughan-Journey (Greatest hits)-Sting (everthing)-Jason Mraz (new guy with interesting sound)-Young MC (before ’95)-Earth Wind & Fire (Millennium)-PropellerheadsIts been an eclectic week music-wise.

  8. eestes says:

    Amon Tobin-PermutationKruder and Dorfmeister-DJ KicksNightmares on waxa bunch of Eighteenth Street Lounge albumsAirMarvin GayeJohn DigweedHarry Nielson-The PointKing Kooba-Indian Summer

  9. Anonymous says:

    Peer GyntAcademic FestivalTragic OvertureCapriccio ItalienDie Moldau

  10. eokyere says:

    it’s interesting, i was going to do a “what’s in your cd player” log the other day, forgot about it and mikec beats me to it :(.. oh well…i’m playing all sorts… chaquico/najee/hardcastle/koz/warren hill/anita baker but also the ocassional nas/eminem etc… and oh! jr kelly’s love so nice (reggae)… luther’s dance w/ my father is actually cool… ‘been playing it all day

  11. Dwark says:

    all flavours of drums ‘n bass… old school reggae (peter tosh)… sometimes some blues…. actually depends on the mooth…

  12. Danger says:

    jay~ é¾™å?·é£ŽFoo Fighters – Times Like TheseLinkin Park – Somewhere I BelongRadiohead – There ThereRevis – Caught In The RainMatsuzawa Yumi–ChikyuugiMichael Jackson–ScreamStaind – Price To PlaySum 41 – The Hell SongThat’s whyTrapt – Headstrong

  13. david doull says:

    it’s interesting: I noticed that you have chemicals surrender in your list, I just had that on last night.today its been: new order, suede, momus, morrissey, manic street preachers, and rather oldly (as I havent listened to it for five years) menswear.

  14. Everything But The GirlPropellerheads – DecksandrumsandrockandrollRyuichi SakamotoPeter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive!Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

  15. pete says:

    Röyksop – Medlody AMLemon Jelly – Lost HorizonsAnything Hedkani (one rockin’ label)

  16. benorama says:

    Pop/Rock :- Radiohead “Hail To The Thief” (must buy today…)- The White Stripes “Elephant”- A tribute to Pavement- Calexico “Feast of Wire”Electro/Downtempo :- Pest “Necessary measures” (latest Ninja Tune artist)- RJD2 “The Horror”- Aim “Starts on 33”- Jazzanova “Playlist”- Tosca “Delhi9″If you like the above groups, you might try : http://www.benorama.com/music/ (good connection required)

  17. D says:

    T. RexPeter Gabriel (“Up”)

  18. prefuse73 – one word extinguisher(even better than his 1st “vocal studies + uprock narrative”)amon tobin – out from out where (phenomenal)tiga – dj kicks (catchy)

  19. andy makely says:

    tunes that get my code flowin’:- propellerheads: decks, drums & rock n roll- jeff beck: who else- groove armada: goodbye country- eat static: abduction- bt: movement in still life- soul coughing: ruby vroom (!!!)

  20. Todd Patrick says:

    If I have a lot of “production” work or touch ups, usually Metallica. Especially the new St. Anger CD. If I need to really concentrate, then I will wear my headphones, with no music, so people will be less likely to bother me…

  21. 1. Underworld2. Chemcal Brothers3. Bjork4. Dave Mathews5. Telepopmusik6. Thievery Corporation7. William Orbit8. Leon Fleisher Brahms Piano Concerto

  22. Brandon says:

    alphabetically:1. appleseed cast2. azure ray3. beachwood sparks4. beck (sea change and mutations only)5. before braille6. ben kweller7. bjork8. boy’s life9. braid10. canyon11. coldplay12. death cab for cutie13. denali14. the faint15. faraquet16. finechina17. the flaming lips18. foo fighters19. fugazi20. ghost and vodka21. half visconte22. harry connick jr.23. the hives24. hot snakes25. iron and wine26. jejune27. jimmy eat world28. joan of arc29. johnny cash30. lazycain31. lifter puller32. mayday33. mercury program34. mineral35. mock orange36. nada surf37. owen38. the owls39. pinback40. the postal service (favorite)41. the promise ring42. radiohead43. rilo kiley44. the shins45. sigur ros46. simon and garfunkel47. sparta48. spoon49. the strokes50. ugly casanova51. the velvet teen52. wilco

  23. benorama says:

    By the way, there is plenty of great mixes on http://www.betalounge.com.Some of my favorites :- Alternative mix by Groove Armada (fantastic!),- Rainer Truby [Compost Records] (I love this german sound),- DJ Badmarsh,- Jazzanova mix,- RJD2 live,- Mark Rae, AIM,- Mr. Scruff [Ninja Tune],- DJ Krush live in Rochester NY,… etc (so many!!!)To access those mixes, click on Past Shows.I love Beta Lounge… 😉

  24. Scott says:

    For heavily caffeinated rushes of coding and general intensity:1) Dropkick Murphys2) Flogging Molly3) The Cuffs4) Slayer5) Shadows Fall6) Decapitated7) The Ducky Boys8) Agnostic Front9) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones10) Minor ThreatAnd for more serene, late night introspection trips and the like:1) John Coltrane2) The Derek Trucks Band3) Wes Montgomery4) The Specials5) Bad Manners6) Portishead7) Jets To Brazil8) Jawbreaker9) Mahavishnu Orchestra10) Return To Forever/Chick Corea

  25. John Giotta says:

    “Learn Japanese” on CD.

  26. Frank says:

    I got this really long “song” which basically says whole day long “breath in….breath out…”Keeps me going! 🙂

  27. Anthony says:

    I find Groove Salad from SomaFM.com is the most inspirational when doing most of my web work, whether its designing graphics or developing flash apps – usually late late at night when all the goons in my neighborhood have long gone to bed. If not SomaFM then… (not in any order)Moby (but I had to put this guy at the top)Groove ArmadaBlue StatesA Reminiscent DriveU2Matthew Good BandColdPlayThe StrokesSimon & GarfunkelATBPaul Oakenfoldand yes the Corrs.Support internet radio!!! Check out SomaFM.com (Broadcasting Live from San Francisco!)

  28. James says:

    Oh no! Not the Corrs!I’ve just rediscovered all my old Talking Heads CDs – grrrrreat! Can’t believe some of them are 18 years old!!!Kudos to whoever can tell me which song these lyrics belong to:”Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go. Heard of some gravesites, out by the highway, a place where nobody knows…”Or:”Who took the money? Who took the money away?”Ace!

  29. mosquito says:

    presently i’ve been hauling around source direct, eat static, sasha (airdrawndagger), aisha kandisha’s jarring effects, photek, monkey mafia, we (as is), and shania twain (come on over). but it’s tuesday, which means i’ve had these cds with me for over a week. so i’ll be rotating them out.for me it makes no difference. i just want something that gets me “movin” while i code.

  30. “loaded with weapons”Life during wartime of course!”the money”I’ve got a girlfreind who’s better than that…Great band!I usually listen to morrissey, pogues, macy gray, dmb, old punk, leonard cohen etc – recently zydeco, gomez, coldplay. But I really like finding a gem of a song..Here are some of the less obvious songs I really like, for the mp3 hunter in you:Manatsu no Kajitsu – southern all starsLinda Linda – Bluehearts (jpn band too, best wild rock song ever, period).’Cept You and Me Babe – Greg Brown// hmm hard to find// Jambalaya (French) – Zachary Richard// debreuil.com/temp/jambalaya.mp3Still Ill – Barenaked Ladies coverall apologies – sinead o’connor coverGive my love to Rose – Bruce cover of old johnny cash tuneA Rainy Night In Soho – Nick cave coverPas Assez De Toi – mano negraParis La Nuit – mano negra (great band)Janie Jones – Bush cover (!)The Tennessee Waltz – Holly Cole TrioFatboy slim – praise youHallelujah – Jeff Buckley coverHold On – Tom WaitsLiving In A World Without Her – pougesCleveland – JewelChina – Greg Brownany gems?

  31. La Rocque says:

    “Love Supreme” John Coltrane”Power of Moonlight” Tiger Army”Just a Point of View” Rivets”Inestructable” Rancid”Raw Power” Iggy & The Stooges”How do you sleep?” Varukers”Sketches of Spain” Miles Davis”I walk the line” Johnny Cash

  32. Vera says:

    The new Kraftwerk!

  33. Juztyn says:

    Zero 7 – Simple ThingsAir – Moon SafariThievery Corporation – *

  34. j.sumner says:

    upojenie – ana maria jopek & friendsNoa – Noaone quite night – pat methenymy song – keith jarrettspeaking of now – pat metheny groupi can see your house from here – john scofiled & pat methenyanything with Sting on ithot house – bruce hornsbysong of the sun – jim beard

  35. Peter Hall says:

    Fun Lovin’ Criminals and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers today, finishing up with Beck and U2.Just noticed the Verve in your list. Didn’t realise they made it into the States. They formed (and played their first gig) at the 6th form college (16-18) that I went to, albeit a few years previous…

  36. Andrew F says:

    Napalm DeathLTJ BukemMiles DavisSpacemen 3PalestrinaSigur RosZen GuerillaUgly DucklingDebussyEclectic? Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

  37. Alessandro says:

    After ForeverNightwishTristaniaThe Sins of thy belovedLacuna CoilElio e le storie teseTrail of tearsFlowing TearsIron Maiden

  38. janes addiction – old stuffweensupersuckersfrank blackpixiesbeastie boysradiohead

  39. Justin says:

    Nine Inch Nails – CloserSomething about that song really gets me going… I start building some crazy ish when that song comes on…

  40. Sleepy says:

    1. Kidney Thieves2. Teamsleep3. Placebo4. Pixies5. Counting Crows6. Wan Santo Condo7. Metric8. Controller.Controller9. Bjork10. Esthero11. Portishead12. Sneaker Pimps13. Chevelle14. Queen15. DFA 197916. M.I.A17. Garbage18. Elton John