DRK 4 : 3D Pie Chart Example

Peter Hall has put together a very cool example of the 3D Pie Chart component from the Flash Charting Components Set 2 on DRK 4.

He has used the extrude depth of the pie chart to display additional information, and has added some code so that the chart morphs between data sets.

You can check out the example here.

You can find more information on the Charting Component Set 2 here.

4 Responses to DRK 4 : 3D Pie Chart Example

  1. Bob Franz says:

    I like it and would have to get it, why do I have to be forced to buy all this other stuff that I will not use.I use Flash, I don’t use Cold Fusion, and Dreamweaver and it seems that MM is using strong arm tatics to get users to purchase of DRK4 for only 33 percent of the content on the disk.WHY can’t I only get the Flash stuff?

  2. Geoff Bowers says:

    The FlashLoaded pie chart is very slick indeed! Thanks for the link. For what it’s worth — I only really use ColdFusion but I still find value in the DRK. I doubt if there is anyone who makes use of all the DRK components — it doesn’t make the DRK any less valuable.

  3. Gururaja says:

    Dear Peter HallI saw u r work, its reallyy very good.My comment on this pie chart is coloring, instead of putting solid color, why don’t u apply gradient . If this pie chart in the gradient, its really very good.I am realy very very happy for u r work in the pie chart. If u have a flash souce file pls send. I wanted to see how u apply the code. Last one month i am trying these type of R&D.RegardsGuru

  4. Matty says:

    Mike,I am trying to get the value of a bar or line that the mouse is over not the data for the whole chart.Is this possible?Thanks for the help.Matty