FlashForward 2003 NYC Wrap-up

Well, FlashForward 2003 NYC is over, and as usual it was a great conference. I had a blast hanging out with and getting to know everyone. It was particularly cool to get to hang out with Josh and Daniel Dura, and Greg Burch, all of whom I chat with daily (and who were killing me at Mario Kart).

My session on Friday went well. I talked about architecting applications in Flash. I de-constructed my Search Application (which will be on the soon to be released DRK 4). I had a QA session after that, and ended up showing off a bunch of stuff on DRK 4.

I’ll be honest. The interest in the DRK really surprised me. People were really interested in the content, but a lot of people had never even heard of it. I think we need to do a better job of getting the word out. Hopefully, the fact that it will be available for individual purchase from launch will help.

I rode back on the train to DC with Branden Hall and Christian Cantrell. Branden got me started on the BrawlBots beta, and meshbotjr was born. Although he has yet to win any battles, he is an eager young robot.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who makes Flash Forward possible. So, thanks to Lynda, Stuart, Kymberlee, all of the FlashForward volunteers, the speakers, and everyone one who attended.

You can keep up with community posts on Flash Forward at the Flash section at MXNA.

6 Responses to FlashForward 2003 NYC Wrap-up

  1. Josh Dura says:

    Dont forget about the Advance Wars whoopin ya got 🙂 I am still waiting for my Red Bull…

  2. zeh says:

    Someone need to do a Flash multiplayer Advance Wars BTW. Maybe as a new XMLSockets article to devnet? (hint, hint)

  3. Greg Burch says:

    I have yet to find a worthy opponent in mario kart, I am training my girlfriend at the moment to be as good as me! 🙂 Yea it was a TON of fun. Mike too bad your session was so early the morning after the party. My session was at 10:15 so it wasn’t as bad I think I had a good turn out.Hopefully we will all be back in march.

  4. zeh says:

    Well, you just wait Greg, maybe on FF 2015 or 2034 or 2846.

  5. Jarle says:

    Re: DRK, here is a free tip: Make it a part of the Affiliate program, and I am sure you will get a much bigger audience and user base 🙂 Lots of Flash sites dying to sell the kit. (And, I am sure, even more Dreamweaver sites)

  6. rewindlife says:

    Back From Flash Forward

    I caught a cold over the weekend in New York and have been a bit slow to post my wrap-up on Flash Forward. Flash Forward NY was a great event. We got a lot of good feedback at our booth…