FlashForward NYC 2003 Keynote

Well, I have finally been able to catch my breath from the keynote (and from the lack of sleep over the past couple of days). Normally, I would give a blow by blow account of the Keynote, but after checking MXNA, I noticed that there are quite a few people blogging the keynote live, including:

The best way to keep up with everything is to check out the Flash section of MXNA. Right now, almost every item on there right now is related to info from FlashForward.Highlights of the Keynote?

  • DRK 4 announced. Advanced Charting component set shown. Pollster online Polling Application. Will be available for in a couple of weeks.
  • Breeze Live Announced. Really cool Flash based presentation / meeting tool with support for screen sharing.
  • Performance numbers from the lab showing Mac performance in Flash up to 10 times faster.
  • Info on Royale
  • Another view from the lab, showing possible future features to authoring environment????

Make sure to check out the links above, as they contains a lot more details.I have a bunch of pictures from the keynote, and as soon as I can borrow a PCMCIA adapter from Greg Burch, I will upload them here.

3 Responses to FlashForward NYC 2003 Keynote

  1. Brian Rogers says:

    thanks for the update Mike.Is there a possiblitiy of being able to post a screen shot of what the 2 new graphics librarys will contain? I’m working on a new Flash RIA and I would like to see what I’ll be getting in a couple of weeks so I don’t spend time now creating something that’ll be on DRK4.Thanks much,-Brian

  2. Bo Wright says:

    hey Mike,I see that no one made any note of Norm mentioning the new ad-tracking plug-in.Having a great time here. hope you are too!

  3. matt cram says:

    i wish that i could make breeze presentations but it is not possible to fork over that kind of money. am i missing something to say that i would like to have this program to create presentations? why not a personal edition?