Online Poll / DRK 4 Pollster

You may have noticed the online poll on the right of the page. This is actually the Flash interface to the Pollster sample application included on DRK 4.

Pollster includes the following:

  • A Flash Interface to place on your website.
  • Complete Admin back-end written in ColdFusion
  • A Dreamweaver extension that makes it easy to insert the poll into your web site.

The Poll has quite a few features including:

  • Complete admin back-end.
  • Limit votes per user.
  • View results in HTML.
  • Export raw results to Excel.
  • Enabled and Disable Polls.
  • Supports up to 5 answers.
  • Complete source code for Flash interface is included.
  • Complete source code for ColdFusion back-end included.
  • ActionScript API and Library for creating your own Flash interfaces.

The Flash interface uses the Pie Chart component from the Flash Charting Components Set 2, also included on DRK 4.

Finally, there is code that protects against users abusing the poll (by mass voting). However, it is not full proof.

You can view an image of the admin interface here.

You can find more information on the Pollster sample application here.

You can find more information on DRK 4 here.

10 Responses to Online Poll / DRK 4 Pollster

  1. Matt says:

    Pollster looks great! Do you need to be running a CF website to use it or can you create/post polls using ASP as well?

  2. mike chambers says:

    Yes. The backend is written in ColdFusion and requires ColdFusion MX.mike

  3. Rick says:

    Mike, looks very impressive, looking forward to testing it. One addition security feature you might consider for the next version, or if i have time, I’ll code it, is a validate form submission. Like Yahoo does with “type the word you see in the image”. This with IP tracking makes the poll almost hack proof.Rick

  4. gwint says:

    Functionality is cool. Design needs some tweaking– right now it looks like an HTML form circa 1996– kerning and leading is off. also, the text shouldn’t be selectable, you should be able to click on it as you would the radio buttons.

  5. mike chambers says:

    FYI, the complete source for the entire app is inculded, so you could easily re-design the flash interface.mike

  6. Gyu Kwon says:

    Pollster is looking good! Are there any limitation to use foriegn characters, such as korean or chinese?

  7. Bob Franz says:

    Can you hide the results untill after the user answers the question. The results are not going to be correct if they can see how everyone else is voting.

  8. Geoff Bowers says:

    Have had a play and I think it’s a great little app. You might consider wrapping the question text on the answers tab — cos most of the time you can’t work out what the questions were. Have integrated this into FarCry CMS for those that are remotely interested (

  9. Daemonite says:

    DRK4 Pollster Application

    Well I decided to sit down and do something with DRK4. Lot of Macromedians playing with the Pollster App but not so many other folk — so I wanted to see just how easy it was to get going. Being a sucker for punishment I decided I might as well integ…

  10. deeje says:

    the links to the source, et al, appear to be broken. Is Pollster still available somewhere?