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Scott Manning of has posted a report from Mike William’s session on Macromedia Central from last week’s FlashKit conference. Scott has some new information in his report, as well as a lot of screen shots.

One important tidbit that Scott pointed out is that Central will be out in the next couple of months. We are really focusing on doing this right, and making the first release of Central solid.

You can see the entire report here.

Sorry for the lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. I am currently in the process of moving from Washington DC to San Francisco, and have been swamped trying to get ready.

But don’t fear, this fall is shaping up to be one of the most exciting since I have been at Macromedia. More details soon…

What type of Applications do you want to see built for Central?

The title says it all, What type of applications do you want to see built for Macromedia Central?

Post you thoughts in the comments section…

New Flash-Lounge Mailing List

Following up on my earlier post, Branden Hall has created the Flash-Lounge mailing list to allow people in the Flash community discuss just about anything.

You can find more info on it, as well as how to sign up here.

Thanks also to Michael Trezza who also volunteered to setup a list.

Flash Community Non-Flash Mailing List?

Would anyone be interested in a Flash community mailing list, that would allow Flash developers to talk about off topic / non-flash subjects? One of the great things about all of the Flash mailing lists is that they are excellent resources, and generally stay on topic. I was thinking that having a Flash list (similar to cf-community) might be a good way for Flash developers to chat about non-Flash topics.

What gave me the idea? Josh Dura and I have been playing Madden 2004 (PS2) on-line, and I was thinking it would be cool to have a Flash community tournament. But there is no real way to ask anyone about it (I try to keep this weblog on topic).

Anyways, if anyone is interested, let me know and perhaps we can get a list setup. It would be a good opportunity to get to know people in the Flash community outside of the context of Flash.

New Poll : What is your favorite game system?

I have put up a new poll on the right of the page. This weeks question is “What is your favorite gaming system”?

The previous poll went well with over 500 responses. According to poll, Pollster is by far the most popular item on DRK 4.

This poll is run by Pollster, which is available on DRK 4. More info here.

Retrieving Values for 3D Bar Chart Component

A question was posted to my weblog asking how to retrieve the data for the individual bar chart section selected in the 3D Bar chart included as part of the Flash Charting Components Set 2 on DRK 4.

If you are using a listener to capture the select / press event, it is very simple as all of the data is passed to the listener method.

Here is an example:

Continue reading…

Updated LiveDocs System Online

I know this is probably old news to some people, but the LiveDocs system at has been updated with tons of new information (including improved search).

LiveDocs contains online documentation for a number of our products, and allows users to add comments to individual doc pages.

You can view LiveDocs here.

FYI : Out of office this Week

I will be out of office for most of the week. I am off to San Francisco to find a place to live, so weblog posts, and email responses may a little slower that normal.

I will be checking my email at night though. I will be back on Friday.