New Flash-Lounge Mailing List

Following up on my earlier post, Branden Hall has created the Flash-Lounge mailing list to allow people in the Flash community discuss just about anything.

You can find more info on it, as well as how to sign up here.

Thanks also to Michael Trezza who also volunteered to setup a list.

3 Responses to New Flash-Lounge Mailing List

  1. cedric says:

    less than 48 hours and 2 mailing lists are setup and running … hey, hey! wait! this is way toooo cool! this community is an everblasting bunch of efficient people! thanks to Mike, Michael Trezza and Branden!

  2. Bob says:

    macromedia has turned into a sucked orange!

  3. Phil Wagner says:

    Does anyone know if there will be better 3D-support in Flash7?