Sorry for the lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. I am currently in the process of moving from Washington DC to San Francisco, and have been swamped trying to get ready.

But don’t fear, this fall is shaping up to be one of the most exciting since I have been at Macromedia. More details soon…

4 Responses to Sorry for the lack of updates

  1. pete says:

    bow theres a dangled carrot if ever i saw one.

  2. Serge says:

    And again he leaves us with a giant cliffhanger… 😀

  3. Nick says:

    is it to do with the ‘studio mx 2004’ card I got in the post this morning? (there isn’t anything about it on yet?)

  4. david says:

    Yes.. I saw Studio MX 2004 on Apple Store, but the link is lost. (oops ;-))