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Macromedia Central Chat Application (beta)

I have been working on using the chat framework that Greg Burch and I put together to build a simple chat application for Macromedia Central. I is not complete, but I figured that people might be interested in checking it out.

You can install it using the install badge on the right (just click install).

I will be hanging around in the chat most of the day and will be chatting and answering questions about Central.

I will also be updating it though the week, so you can either manually check from within Central (Central Dev Chat > Check for Updates), or Central will periodically check for you.

You can access the preferences for the chat from Central Dev Chat > Preferences.

Biggest Known issues:

  • If you do not send a message for an extended period of time, the chat will disconnected.
  • The close icon in the preferences and command window does not work.
  • The chat input field will sometimes not enable. If this happens, disconnect, switch to another app and back to the chat.

I plan to write an article discussing the application architecture, and posting the code on the DevNet site.

If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, post them in the comments.

Sneak Peak of Central Chat App

I am putting together a simple chat application for Macromedia Central. Currently, I am doing some testing on it, but I will release a beta of it tomorrow, and then hang around to answer any questions about Central (or just chat).

You can see a screen shot of the app here.

Reminder : Flash 2004 Feedback

Just a quick reminder, but we are looking for feedback on your experiences with Flash 2004 and Flash 2004 Pro. We ware watching the posts carefully so if you have any comments, be sure to add them.

You can view the original thread, and add your own comments here.

List of discussions / comments about Central

FYI, I have put together a list of all of the links to discussions / comments on the Macromedia Central Public Beta.

There has also been discussion on Flash Coders, Flash Lounge and CF-Talk.

You can keep up with discussion / comments on Central with MXNA by using the following link:

Have Questions / Feedback on Macromedia Central?

If you have any questions or feedback on the Macromedia Central Public Beta, you can post them to:



You can find more info on the Central Public Beta, as well as download it from here.

Macromedia Central Public Beta

We have just launched a public beta of Macromedia Central in conjunction with Intel’s one unwired day. The beta is focused on giving users a chance to check out Macromedia Central before the final version is released.

The public beta includes:

  • Pre-release version of Macromedia Central
  • Weather Application
  • Movie Finder Application

You can install Central from the Central Product page (Windows and Mac)(Flash Player 6,0,65,0 or higher required).

We have also published some more information on Central, including:

It is important to note this is not the public developer beta which we have discussed, and thus there are currently no developer docs. We will be having a public developer’s beta in the next couple of weeks which will include documents, tutorials, samples and other resources.

Finally, this is a pre-release version of Central, and thus there are still some known issues. In particular, we have not yet done CPU and memory optimizations.

Check it out. Post any comments, questions, impressions in the comments section.

What do you think of Flash 2004?

Flash 2004 / Flash 2004 Pro have been available for a couple of weeks now. I have seen the full range of responses from raves to rage. So, now that you have had a couple of weeks to play with it, what do you think?

What do you love? What do you hate? What problems have you run into? What features have you found that you could not live without now? What is your general impression?

Post you comments in the comments section. If you post about a problem that you have run into, please include your OS and system specs.

Don’t hold anything back.

Central Update Article / New Screenshot

The Macromedia DevNet center just published an article that I wrote that gives an update on the status of Macromedia Central.

The main points?

  • Release has been moved from end of summer to this fall
  • We have been fixing bugs, doing usability tests, and adding features.
  • We will be having a public developer beta within the next month.

The article also shows some new screens of the new ToolTips, and Blast! feature (which allows applications to share data with each other).

You can view the entire article here.

We have also released a new screen shot to our beta. You can view the shot here.

If you have any questions about Central, the article or new screenshot, you can post them in the comments, or in the Central web forum.

Use a Mac? Want to beta test Central?

If you use a Mac and are interested in checking out the Macromedia Central beta, then send me an email at We want to ensure that we have plenty of testing and developers on the Mac platform.

LocalConnection Object Resources

One of the things that Macromedia Central makes extensive use of is the ActionScript LocalConnection object. Below is the beginning of a list of resources I have begun to put together that discuss the LocalConnection object. I figured that it might be useful for some people, so here it is.

If you know of any articles or resources that I missed, then post them in the comments.