Have Questions / Feedback on Macromedia Central?

If you have any questions or feedback on the Macromedia Central Public Beta, you can post them to:



You can find more info on the Central Public Beta, as well as download it from here.

3 Responses to Have Questions / Feedback on Macromedia Central?

  1. Macromedia Central Public Beta Released: Born to be King (Links)

    See Macromedia Central adventure. Rocks! Rocks! and Rocks! Installing Macromedia Central Public Beta Requirements for using Macromedia Central Public Beta Run the installer from the Macromedia Central home page. Known issues with Macromedia Central Pub…

  2. Under WinXP Pro I’ve had it crash a few times (on initial install and when launching it) …I submitted the bug to you folks through the bug reporting system.This seems to be the offending .dll ???AppName: central.exeAppVer: shw95dll.dllModVer: 00002ed8

  3. Todd says:

    Erp, so.. this morning I open central and uh.. the weather and movie finder apps are *gone*?Was this supposed to happen?