List of discussions / comments about Central

FYI, I have put together a list of all of the links to discussions / comments on the Macromedia Central Public Beta.

There has also been discussion on Flash Coders, Flash Lounge and CF-Talk.

You can keep up with discussion / comments on Central with MXNA by using the following link:

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  1. aSH says:

    Congratulations Mike! And congratulations to all the team in Macromedia involved in Central! Thanks for such a great product. Still in beta but what a beta! ;)Good job. Much appreciated.aSHParis – France

  2. Macromedia Central Public Beta Released: Born to be King (Links)

    See Macromedia Central adventure. Rocks! Rocks! and Rocks! Installing Macromedia Central Public Beta Requirements for using Macromedia Central Public Beta Run the installer from the Macromedia Central home page. Known issues with Macromedia Central Pub…

  3. s22 says:

    :)and my blog

  4. Am I missing something? Would it be embarrasingly unfashionable to say that my first impression of Central is that it’s ‘much ado about nothing’? An interactive window with links to content from different data sources. That’s just a web browser isn’t it? From my browser I can check out the weather, the latest Flash news, the movies playing at my local cinema. As a developer I don’t have to conform to any specific API. The only difference I can see is that the web offers me 100’s of thousands of data sources where Central offers “very few” to say the least.As a web user and developer what does Central offer me that I don’t already have?Remember the first rule of the web portal; you can be all things to some people, and something for all people, but you can’t be all things for all people.