Macromedia Central Public Beta

We have just launched a public beta of Macromedia Central in conjunction with Intel’s one unwired day. The beta is focused on giving users a chance to check out Macromedia Central before the final version is released.

The public beta includes:

  • Pre-release version of Macromedia Central
  • Weather Application
  • Movie Finder Application

You can install Central from the Central Product page (Windows and Mac)(Flash Player 6,0,65,0 or higher required).

We have also published some more information on Central, including:

It is important to note this is not the public developer beta which we have discussed, and thus there are currently no developer docs. We will be having a public developer’s beta in the next couple of weeks which will include documents, tutorials, samples and other resources.

Finally, this is a pre-release version of Central, and thus there are still some known issues. In particular, we have not yet done CPU and memory optimizations.

Check it out. Post any comments, questions, impressions in the comments section.

20 Responses to Macromedia Central Public Beta

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  3. Alex says:

    I would like to try it, but it keeps saying “Downloadfehler aufgetreten. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut.” – (download failed try again) in both IE and opera with 7.0.14 installed. Accessing brings a “Error: Page Not Found” message and fails DNS resolution.I am on Win2K SP4 behind a Linux firewall + proxy.

  4. sally ride says:

    hey mike,being a big fan of macromedia products. i am saddened by macromedia’s approach of late. i have just tried macromedia central. what a dissapointment. i use a macintosh and couldn’t help but see how close central resembles watson and sherlock. The kicker is it’s way slower then either. with the release of flash mx 2004 it appears that macromedia is trying to develop applicationdevelopment tools. i wish they had as much zest for design as they do for programming. i guess it’s not as fun for a programmer to create an application for someone else as for him/her-self. your products are being made by programmers for programmers. why does macromedia turn it’s back on it’s base? there must be a way to make another product for rich internet applications. please just don’t call it flash. i suppose that’s what pro vs non-pro is. that implies programmers are more pro’s. i wonder why the reaction by the flash community as been not so good. central is the right idea but the wrong tools.

  5. l.m.orchard says:

    Congrats on the beta launch!I’ve expressed some doubts about Central versus earlier similar tech, but the more I learn and understand about it, more I get excited about it 🙂

  6. Mike,This application has tremendous potential. And I hope your team listens to us and continues to improve upon it. In that spirit, here are the comments I have posted to the Central wishlist…1) Window adjustment is cumbersome. The hot spots at the edges of the windows are thinner than Swartzeneggers political credentials.2) Slow! Overall the application does not seem like flash in terms of responsiveness. More like a Java applet.3) Caching (or lack of it). There appears to be no intelligent caching of onscreen assets. For example, while in movie finder, after locating my local cinemas and reading the Matchstick Men synopsis, I accidently closed the window, but did not exit the program (the Central sidebar was still active). But when I opened MovieFinder again, it had to reload all the data again for my Cinemas.4) Look and feel and fit and finish is not what I would expect. Little things like the scrollbars being off center from the up/down arrows are annoying and convey a sense that the app is more immature than a Beta. Just for kicks, on the default screen, zoom the window to 300% and see what happens to the scrollbars.5) User friendliness could be much improved. For example, on AccuWeather, when you click inside the “Find” box, the default text does not disappear and you have to select it all and delete it yourself. Also, on MovieFinder, once you have selected a movie to view, there is no way to maximize the movie details window vertically to avoid the scrollbars. Little things like this would go a long way towards making Central a more useable application.

  7. Jan says:

    You should have waited until more applications were available – people are going to look at the weather app, which has nothing but little jpegs and text, and the moviefinder, and just get bored. People aren’t interested in technology, they are interested in applications. I think Macromedia is great, but you really dropped the ball on this one.

  8. aversion says:

    I also have expressed doubts about Central in the past but after viewing the beta and reading the new content on I am more optimistic that it will succeed.I think performance issues are still to be worked out (optimisation) and the two applications available are just demos, I don’t think people will get bored because this is a release that demonstrates, it’s a final product and I would be surprised if non-developers dl it. When the final version Central is released to the public I certainly hope there are quite a few apps that people can use straightaway.I have a couple of observations which I’ve forwarded to the Central list, I’d like to see a ‘keep window on top’ option, especially for the console, and also the ability to dock the console to the screen in either up/down or side/side orientations.can’t wait to see the developer’s beta.

  9. Major Tom says:

    I’m tired of people complaining about everything. Technology isn’t perfect.Mike – I like central.I think it has a lot of potential. Could you imaging ESPN doing a fantasy football site in central? People would gladly pay. Apple doing a Music store in Central on a 1.8MB footprint? That may someday run on Linux?I like the snazzy expand windows… and the fact that most Flash developers can make their own apps in a free form environment. There are big advantages over Sherlock/Watson in that its cross platform, has a “viral” install methodolgy.Hope central goes well!

  10. mike chambers says:

    >Downloadfehler aufgetreten. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut.Yes, the initial release will be english only. We will have localized versions avaliable after that.mike

  11. mike chambers says:

    >The kicker is it’s way slower then either.Yes. This is covered in the FAQ: have not yet optimized Central performance or resource usuage.mike

  12. Duncan says:

    central’s big advantage to sherlock/watson, is the rabid and very talented developer community. i wouldn’t even know where to begin a sherlock channel, but i could probably (haven’t looked at the dev process) get started on a central app pretty quick.i don’t know that central itself will be a success, but i hope that it pushes the idea of new delivery method.

  13. S3V3N says:

    I’m running Win2K and successfully installed Central (according to the sniffer). However, when I click on it, nothing happens. I’ve even selected the desktop icon and get nothing. I’ve also examined Windows Task Manager and it does not show any instance of Central.

  14. 1) The download was quick enough, but there was this unclosable window which got stuck to the center of the screen while central downloaded. I couldn’t do any other work during the download.2) The zip code field in aweather app did not come preselected and double-clicking in the field also did not select all the text.3) I added a few locations and deleted them from favorites in weather app. But the locations would not get deleted from the pod list.4) The “find a movie” tab also searches for theaters. Just “Find” on the tab would have made my search easier.5) The resizing grip on the window corner dosn’t work.From: Central: Easy or hard to use?

  15. Anthony says:

    Whenver I try to install the Public Beta, the Flash popup window says “Connecting” then it says “A download error occurred. Try to download again?” I am using Flash Version 6,0,79,0; any suggestions (I really don’t want to upgrade my Flash Player yet.)?

  16. mike chambers says:

    Anthony,Yes, we are aware of the issue. This is a problem with one of our web servers (that is why we are having a beta).It should be fixed soon…mike

  17. beachmeat says:

    Are there any specifications about how to develop apps for Central?

  18. mike chambers says:

    not yet, but we will be having a public developers beta very soon.mike

  19. Site Manager says:

    I’m still looking for plug ins and extensions support. But overall, Dreamweaver & Fireworks combined is just a killer application

  20. Kevin says:

    I have been trying to download Central for about a week on an XP, a 2000, and a 98 machine. The XP and 98 machines are at one location and the 2000 machine at another location.Every time I attempt I get “A download error occurred. Try to download again?”I have probably seen this message 200+ times in the last 10 days. I try at all hours of the day and night.Any insight or suggestions? I have Flash Player 7 on all machines and IE 6.Thanks,Kevin