Macromedia Central Chat Application (beta)

I have been working on using the chat framework that Greg Burch and I put together to build a simple chat application for Macromedia Central. I is not complete, but I figured that people might be interested in checking it out.

You can install it using the install badge on the right (just click install).

I will be hanging around in the chat most of the day and will be chatting and answering questions about Central.

I will also be updating it though the week, so you can either manually check from within Central (Central Dev Chat > Check for Updates), or Central will periodically check for you.

You can access the preferences for the chat from Central Dev Chat > Preferences.

Biggest Known issues:

  • If you do not send a message for an extended period of time, the chat will disconnected.
  • The close icon in the preferences and command window does not work.
  • The chat input field will sometimes not enable. If this happens, disconnect, switch to another app and back to the chat.

I plan to write an article discussing the application architecture, and posting the code on the DevNet site.

If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions, post them in the comments.

30 Responses to Macromedia Central Chat Application (beta)

  1. den ivanov says:

    wow, nice ;)really love it.

  2. DeMon says:

    Sweet! Is it possible to split window? chat in one while going thru apps onthe other?DeMon

  3. mike chambers says:

    >Sweet! Is it possible to split window? chat in one while going thru apps onthe other?CTRL-Click the app icon within Central to open it in a different window.mike

  4. Awesome! can’t wait to get started with Central!

  5. Tim says:

    I’m really interested in the possibilities central might hold, the weather and whatever wasn’t anything worth looking at in my opinion. Heck, Yahoo Messenger can do that. But with more original apps like this, I think it might have potential. Good luck.

  6. hateToSayThis says:

    i really don’t see central taking off beyond macromediageeks like me buti am hoping central proves me wrongbut tim–come onoriginal chat appisn’t there like a million of theseit will be interesting to see what apps people will useand for how much. i really see this as a good strategyto increase flash dominance in internet interacitivity.

  7. cisnky says:

    I see the potential!!!!

  8. Is it down at the moment? I try to login and just get disconnected immediately 🙁

  9. Hmm, I tried a shorter login name and I connected OK but the message input window never got focus so I couldn’t type anything. The command popup worked tho’… And I could see other people chatting…

  10. Switching to another app enabled the chat field. Cool.

  11. mike chambers says:

    >Switching to another app enabled the chat field. Cool.Yeah, that is a component bug (being fixed by the central team).Sorry for the hassle…mike

  12. aversion says:

    One comment about the app, it would be nice if, when you pick a command from the list that involves a user’s ID, such as ‘/IP [user]’, you can then click on a user’s name in the list and the app will apply that name to the command.great little app though 🙂

  13. KmaX says:

    Well, i’ve found this app very well done. I did some testing with french accents (éàî, etc…) and it handle all of these nicely.But other Central apps don’t, Movie finder’s text is replacing all accented characters by a box.Any clue why ?Thanks !

  14. Ryan says:

    nice app, central crashed when i closed it though.

  15. Young says:

    Bug: Even when I tell Central to go off-line, chat still updates.

  16. Matt Voerman says:

    I cant connect – each time I attempt to log-in i’m disconnected – thought it might be my fire wall so I disabled it and still no luck 🙁 I want to chat

  17. Abhishek says:

    I could not connect to the it becoz of the firewall?? cool app though !!

  18. darron says:

    Mike – I’m getting an “XML file load error” when trying to install it.I didn’t have central installed, so the link installed central for me and then that error came up. Thoughts?

  19. mark says:

    Can’t wait to get home and install this… :)Where do I submit bug reports about other Central apps? I found a bug in the AccuWeather app. I set it to alert me when the forecast indicates a drop below 32F. So far, it has alerted me twice that the temps are going to drop below that point… and, of course it won’t get below freezing in Oklahoma City for at least another month or so. 🙂

  20. nickelslot says:

    only able to login once then disconneted after that.

  21. emile says:

    Hi, brilliant little app but i was wondering how long it will be arround for?If its to continue as a developer forum then the following suggestions might be handy.Seperate input window for sample code. Many questions might revolve around code that is/nt working. and consequent fixes. Code window could be linked to persons name. Colour coding of code wouldn’t go a miss either.I guess the above is a form of seperate room or whiteboard.

  22. emile says:

    when sending text using “/msg emile ” i.e. to myself i get everything twice ieemile–>emile: helloemile–>emile: helloalso i cant seem to cut and paste using cntrl-C though i guess thats a flash/central thing.

  23. Jim Woolum says:

    I can’t get Central Dev Chat to install under Mac OS 10.2.8. Does anyone have it working in 10.2.8, or in Panther?Thanks!

  24. eyezberg says:

    I do not plan on installing Central before a long time, untill there’s some really usefull apps out there that work in any country, not just the USA,so it’d be nice to at least be able to see some screenshot of this chat app somewhere, to get an idea of what it has to offer that MSN Messenger does not…As P.Kerman points out in his RIA book, what’s the added value/why would someone use it rather than what we use now..?

  25. Trabajo says:

    Thanks for the info.

  26. NBAction says:

    I Love the poor thing…

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