Reminder : Flash 2004 Feedback

Just a quick reminder, but we are looking for feedback on your experiences with Flash 2004 and Flash 2004 Pro. We ware watching the posts carefully so if you have any comments, be sure to add them.

You can view the original thread, and add your own comments here.

18 Responses to Reminder : Flash 2004 Feedback

  1. sunny says:

    I guess the link should be offense, but are you just watching, or will you be working on the issues as well?

  2. vinny timmermans says:

    Mike, now it’s your turn to provide some feedback on what Macromedia will do with the issues posted on the original thread (and other Flash communities). I could not find one serious response from you in the original thread. Communication is a two-way process. We all know there has never been a maintenance release for Flash MX. Do we have to wait for Flash MX 2006 to have the Flash 4 bugs removed? So tell us what and when we can expect something from Macromedia. Give and take 😉

  3. David Widman says:

    I fully agree with sunny… We want some info about what MM will do!David

  4. steve says:

    The links in your article point to feedback on MM Central . Doh!

  5. David Mendels says:

    Hi all,I am the vice president and general manager responsible for the Flash related business at Macromedia. We have our development, QA, product management, and doc teams all involved in scrubbing the feedback we are getting from this source and others. Yesterday and today we have QA engineers actually calling 30 or 40 people who have reported issues to make sure we understand them in detail and can reproduce.We don’t have any specific news for you as to what the plans are–we are still trying to assess the concerns deeply, but we are not at all complacent. It is worth noting that the concerns run the gamut from issues around support responsiveness, product design, bugs, performance concerns varying by platform and configuration, documentation concerns, to issues with the previous DRKs (and more). Our ability to respond to each of these categories of issues differs in nature and timetable. But all of the key people are looking at each of them.Please do report all issues (raves as well as rants are welcome of course) with as much detail as possible so we can assess what if anything we can do about them, and when.Thanks,David

  6. 1stpixel says:

    > QA engineersdid you just hire some, or where have they been before you released MX2 ?You can tell what ever you want, about qa and stuff, but 5 hard years as a flash developer proove more than 2 or 3 sentences from a vice-whatsoever … where have all our wishes/bug-reports gone ?you want to make money, that’s ok, but proove me wrong, you’re only doing it, if you’re dealing fair.Where have you been, when your company decided to release this bughell ?My only hope is that you’re doing your job NOW!respectfully1stpixel

  7. Okay, this one is bad, real bad. Flash says it finds syntax errors in my code and that I can find them in the output window, yet nothing is there, zip nada nothing. This bug mandates a patch, badly. I’ve made about 30 classes and am refactoring a lot at the moment so if I can’t get help from the compiler anymore this will be a nightmare. If you have a fix please let me know.Also Flash has now, all of a sudden, got the habit to compile all my flash documents when I want to test the default document of the project, but that’s less critical than the first bug.New demo version please.

  8. Woody Chastain says:

    Its disappointing to read some of these comments, particularly as I am developing FlashComm products right now.Guess I’ll stick with MX and wait to upgrade until some of these issues are addressed with an update.

  9. Frustrated User says:

    Flash MX 2004 takes about 15 minutes to open up on every single computer I’ve installed it on.

  10. James says:

    Hi,Is there documentation on using all the new built-in mx. classes? Like transitions and screens (Blinds, fly etc.)I’m working my way thru them but it’s guess-work without a help guide.Thanks.

  11. ben says:

    i wish id never started working with mx2004.ive spent a lot of time working on a project, but it is impossible to finish due to the instability of the program.specifically, a keyframe on the main timeline that contains a movieclip CANNOT be manipulated at all. if i try to move it to a different layer delete the keyframe or move one frame forwards or backward the program crashes. this has happened approximately 50-60 times.i would like my money back, not to mention the huge amount of time im going to have to spend remaking the project in another version.

  12. Telerin says:

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  13. jason miller says:

    I have just downloaded the trial of flash mx 2004 for my free 30 day evaluation. upon installing this product and running the program i was greeted by a message saying that my 30 day trial has expired.Now ether i have become a genius by turning macromedia software into a time machine or the programers at macromedia have not a clue how to code the trial checking routeen. my guess is the laterso best i use add/remove programs and get this dirty code out before real damage occurs.i see this forum thinks it’s a bad productseems money means more than quality guys

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