Use a Mac? Want to beta test Central?

If you use a Mac and are interested in checking out the Macromedia Central beta, then send me an email at We want to ensure that we have plenty of testing and developers on the Mac platform.

14 Responses to Use a Mac? Want to beta test Central?

  1. Macromedia Central Progress Update

    Macromedia Central Progress Update: Mike Chambers sheds some light into the progress of Macromedia Central. A few interesting tidbits about Central: Support for dynamically loading GIFs Implementation of an API for OS-level tooltips Initially targeting…

  2. Wayne Davies says:

    Love to test on my mac!

  3. Carl Welch says:

    I would like to beta test Central on my mac.

  4. The only thing we are waiting for to start Teknision 3 is Central.We are half Mac and Half PC, so we could give it a good run.

  5. Nick C says:

    I wrote in my original beta request all those months ago that you’d need more Mac testers!I must be a mind readerThe Mac community and the Macromedia community share a lot in common, esp innovation and users who genuinely love their products.So lets bring Central to that happy place.(Thats a yes I’d love to beta test 4 U)

  6. jen dehaan says:

    I have a Mac, and ready and willing to help. bring it on…

  7. Thomas Swift says:

    I would like to beta test.I still run OS X 10.1.5 if your looking to test on that please let me know.

  8. Eric Madsen says:

    Sign me up!

  9. Greg Smith says:

    My Mac is special.I’m special.You’re special.We’re special.Gimme that stuff.

  10. Sean Patenaude says:

    Oh fo sure, fo sure. I have an iBook and a G4 867 at your disposal.

  11. eDog says:

    My First ‘PC’ was an Apple Performa 550 .:. 25 mhz, 4 MB ram (8 w/ Ram Doubler), 250 HD .:. She still runs 🙂

  12. Web Design says:

    [Quote] She still runs 🙂 [/Quote]I don’t think central will work 😉

  13. M.I.L.F. says:

    Hate to do it, but it still works!