Where is Macromedia Central?

Oscar Trelles, commenting on Sean Voisen’s post about Central notes that he feels that discussion about Macromedia Central has died down recently and wonders if it is still on track.

Well, considering that Central is still in beta, we have actually been talking about it quite a lot. In fact, I think that we have been more open about Central than any other pre-release product. Of course, the past couple of weeks all of then attention has been focused on the MX 2004 launches (and rightfully so), but now that they are out the door, you will begin to hear even more about Central.

We will be publishing an article soon on the website with an update, but I wanted to post some of the information here in order to get it out as soon as possible. Central is still on track, and development is going well. We were originally aiming for a late summer release, but have decided to push it back a couple of months. Why? Well, we are really focusing on making this as solid a first version as possible, and we needed some extra time for some additional development and usability testing.

We are slowly ramping up the beta, and will be having a public beta in the next couple of weeks. So, if you are not on the beta yet, don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to get up to speed before Central is released.

I will also be speaking about Central at the Flash Parade conference in October, and of course, we will have a ton of info and sessions on it at the Macromedia Max conference in November.

As always, if you have any questions, post them in the comments (note, there might be a short delay before I respond to any questions).

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  1. Ben Haldenby says:

    It seems the Central public beta may have been deliberately timed to follow the release of MX 2004. To what extent will Central and it’s various APIs require AS 2.0, the new componenets and the new data architecture?cheers Mike, keep up the good workBen

  2. Macromedia Central: Progress

    Mike Chambers sheds some insight into the current progress of Macromedia Central. “Central is still on track, and development is going well,” says Mike. Initially targeting a summer release, things have been pushed back a bit in order to ensure…

  3. Mike Chambers says:

    Central will not require ActionScript 2.0, although you will be able to use it for developing Central applications.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  4. Just to clarify, I wasn’t saying that Central development is stuck. As you state Mike, discussion is heavy on the Central private newsgroups, but that’s not visible for the people not participating in the beta program. And that’s the idea I wanted to transmit in my blog posting.I’m not sure if Macromedia actually said so, but I read somewhere that Central was promised for the Summer. Well, the season is almost over and people had no news about Central. Thanks for the updates.

  5. Sean Voisen says:

    Yeah, I’m not trying to rain on any parade – just making observations. And like Oscar, I recall a promised Summer release as well. Now, I’m sure Central could be a really great product, and I hope it is, I’m just having doubts. Thanks for the reassurance.

  6. I can tell you from the public information I’ve seen that the product is definitely progressing. I don’t know why the “end of summer” date was changed, but I can tell you the version I saw at Flash Forward (March) was years behind the version shown at Flash Forward (July)… then the version just shown at Flashkit (August) was even more impressive.I wish I had something more definitive–but do notice that nearly any question you ask is answered directly. The public answers I’ve heard are not ambiguous but very clear.Thanks,Phillip

  7. kitchen says:

    It seems the Central public beta may have been deliberately timed to follow the release of MX 2004. I really wonder how they come up with their marketing.

  8. I heard that, For Central based applications one must have to upload to MM Central server as it takes care of authentication, evaluation and updations … Will this issue accpted by Corporate Intranet Users?Regards,Arckid

  9. > I heard that, For Central based applications one must have to upload to MM Central server as it takes care of authentication, evaluation and updations …All files will be hosted on the developers server. Central will reference the Product Descriptor XML File on that server in order to handle updates, trials, et cetera.

  10. Ben Haldenby says:

    Is Central going to ship with Flash Player 7? This article http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/central/articles/update.html seems to suggest otherwise…”it is important to remember that Macromedia Central is built upon the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player 6″But that would be crazy surely? For instance will we have web service support directly in Central or will we have to make calls to a remoting gateway?confusedBen

  11. The initial release is not planned to use Flash Player 6.WebServices support will be implemented natively within the Central API.

  12. Sorry… I meant…The initial release is not planned to use Flash Player 7.

  13. Mike Chambers says:

    It is really Flash Player 6++. We have taken a lot of the performance optimization from the Flash 7 player and added them to Central. We have also added a lot of new features, such as a native web service API, OS level tooltips, the ability to dynamically load GIFs and progressive JPGs, etc…hope that helps…mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  14. Spanki says:

    any particular reason israel is black listed from vewing central? there are millions of israelis and palestinians in israel not to mention from every other race & creed living here that have technical peeps trying to stay current and up to date with technology. whats the deal gentlemen? why when any of you are asked about this issue do you fail to answer? is macromedia making a political statement here?

  15. mike chambers says:

    Hi. We have not “blacklisted” anyone. The initial release of Central is enlgish only. We will be releasing localised versions shortly after the initial release.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  16. spanki says:

    i guess i was mis informed being that questions were asked in central on my behalf and the behlaf of others, and since we cannot be there to ask, we only get word of mouth. the answer, a few times from what we were told is that israel isnt allowed. sorry for any misunderstanding..regarding the language.. we here run OS’s is in english, browser is english as well so, not sure what you mean by english only 🙂

  17. Anand says:

    hi,will macromedia flash palyer support webservices?i need to check for a testing purpose..pl let me know