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Intel Hotspot Finder Central Application

I just noticed that Intel has released a Macromedia Central version of their HotSpot finder. This is a very cool application that will show you all of the Wireless hotspots in your area. Even cooler is that it will cache your results so you can view them offline (when you need a hotspot finder the most!).

You can install the Hostspot finder from the bottom of this page.

Community MXtra Central Application

Paul Newman from CommunityMX has put together a Central application that provides an interface to the CommunityMX site, displaying the latests articles and letting you search their entire article archive.

This application is based on an existing Flash application that Paul had already built, and he outlines some of the changes he had to make (not many) to make it run within Central.

This is only version .70 but it is already pretty polished.

You can view install the application from CommunityMX here.

Central Standalone Debugger?

The Macromedia Central SDK will ship with a debug panel that runs within Flash (MX and 2004). We will also release a debug application that runs within Central, and can give richer information.

Last night, I put together a simple windows app that wraps the Central Debug Panel. It puts it in its own window, and allows you to set that window to always be on top. So, my question is, is this something that you would find useful? If so, I can release the code for it once Central ships.

You can see a screen shot of it here (png).

Also, if I do release it, I will need a good name for it. Post any suggestions in comments section. Central Forum

I just noticed that were-here has created a Central forum. There are a couple of posts there, and a pretty useful FAQ put together by aSH.

We are updating the Central Resources page to include this and some other new resources.

You can view the forum here.

Central API Viewer

I was playing around with Flash MX Pro 2004 last night, and created this simple Central API viewer.

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Flash Command line compiler soon

I am going to release a Flash Command line compiler that I built a while ago. It works with Flash MX 2004, and uses the extensibility layer. I just need to test a few things and make sure it still works. Assuming no major issues, I will release it in a couple of days.

Couple of notes:

  • Written in C#, which means it is Windows only.
  • Written by me on my own time, which means that it is use at your own risk.

Here is the usage information:

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Central SDK Video Tutorial has posted their first Central related video tutorial. It discusses the SDK, and how to get started with it.

Very cool stuff.

You can find out more information and view the tutorial here.

Creating a Central Specific Feed for your weblog

A couple of people have asked me how to set up a separate RSS feed on their weblogs just for Macromedia Central. If you are using Moveable Type it is actually pretty simple.

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Debugging Applications running within Central

Because applications running within Central use the Central API and because those APIs are not available within the Flash Authoring environment, you have to test and debug your applications within Central itself. This is actually pretty simple, and you can use the trace() statement like your normally would.

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Apps to test App resizing in Central

Mike Lyda has put together a couple of testing apps that help you test how your application responds to resizing within Macromedia Central. There are two Central apps included, big app and small app, which are either really big or really small.

You can install them from here.