Central Developer Chat Today

We are going to have a chat today in the Central Developer Chat application. It will be today at 11:30 am pst (I think that is -8 utc). It will be around 30 minutes, with the first 20 minutes focused on feedback on Central, and the last 20 minutes general QA.

You can find more information on the chat here. You can install it from the Install Badge on the right.

3 Responses to Central Developer Chat Today

  1. Mike Brunt says:

    Mike, I was just reading the log of the Central Chat that I missed today. I worked in TeleRadiology for a while and I think I see in Central the perfect App for Primary Care Physicians to confer with Radiologists and Patients. Also for Radiologists to consult with Radiologists. Is there any way for me to figure out if Central can be adapted to this sort of use?

  2. Hi Mike,I missed the chat, but thanks to CentralMx.com I read the log and answered the questions. Please feel free to forward them to Clinburn.How would you explain Central to your Mom in 3 words?Personal application browser.To my mom: You can tell it to do stuff rather than the other way round.May be ad campaign with “Regain control with central”? :)How would you explain Central to developers in 3 words?Application environment with clientside data controlWhat is the Killer app for central?Any app that automates user action. Personal agents in various fields.What problems does it solve for you as a developer?I don’t have to worry about business logic which is taken care of at the server, collecting money and developer tools are taken care of by macromedia. The client gets access to different polished data streams. So, I only have to worry about the presenting it to the user and providing a good experience. Better controll than in HTML, no headaches of client side application installation. Once downloaded, the app stays infront of the user.What end user problems does it solve?Can setup rules to automate routine stuff and inform only when needed. Can interact with downloaded data. No security problems.What do you think of Blasting?Intelligent copy/paste. Developers just take-in and output standards based data and the user will be able to connect apps intelligently.

  3. Abel says:

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